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Fresh Air, L.P. Blog : Archive for March, 2023

Your AC Just Did This, Here’s How to Proceed

Monday, March 20th, 2023

You turn your air conditioner on, it runs for 3-4 minutes, and then… nothing. It’s kaput. But wait, it turns back on again–then it does the same thing. It’s short cycling, and it’s a problem.

If your air conditioner turns on and off before reaching the temperature you set it at, it’s struggling. Your air conditioner should turn on, complete the cycle over the course of 15-20 minutes (on average), then power down while you enjoy the temperature you want.

Anything less than that may require AC repair in Katy, TX as soon as possible. Let’s explain what you can do first before calling for repair.

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What Does an AC Condenser Do?

Monday, March 6th, 2023

It’s important for any homeowner to understand how their air conditioner works. It can help save time diagnosing repairs, reduces your stress when a problem occurs, and helps you forecast the cost of upkeep and repair for your unit.

Air conditioners have a fair few working parts that all play a different and vital role in how it operates. Your condenser is one of the stars of the show for a few good reasons.

It relies on two other components of your AC as well–the compressor and the evaporator. So what does an AC condenser do and how does it fit with those other components? Let’s talk about it.

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Your AC Just Did This, Here's How to Proceed

March 20, 2023

Your air conditioner isn't supposed to short cycle and it could lead to widespread mechanical failure. Find out how to stop it right now.

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What Does an AC Condenser Do?

March 6, 2023

Your AC does a lot, but what does the condenser do? Let's explore that and how it relates to your evaporator and compressor.

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