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Is Your Furnace Showing These Warning Signs?


Furnaces have an average lifespan of around 10-15 years, give or take. It depends on how well they’re maintained over the years, but one thing is for sure: furnaces eventually fail.

How do you know when they fail before you’re left in frigid conditions? Instead of waiting for icicles to hang from your heating vents, let’s get ahead of the curve.

These signs mean you need furnace repair in Cypress before you experience an inconvenient (and very expensive) full-scale furnace breakdown.

Your Home Doesn’t Heat Evenly

The first sign that something’s wrong is when your home just doesn’t heat up the way it used to. There are a lot of reasons this could be, so it’s best to diagnose whether it’s your furnace or another force first.

If one room feels like it has sufficient airflow from the vents, but it’s not warm air, you have a problem with your furnace. If other rooms are getting warm air, it could be a few things.

Your furnace might no longer be powerful enough to push warm air all the way through to each vent, or you may have a leak in your ducts that’s disrupting the flow of warm air. Either way, it doesn’t look good.

It Has Trouble Turning On

Unless there’s a major problem with bringing power to the unit, there’s no reason that your furnace shouldn’t turn on.

Check your circuit breaker before you panic. Did your furnace flip a switch, or is there something else going on that isn’t being displayed?

It doesn’t mean that your furnace is completely dead, but it could indicate an issue with the electronic ignition switch. You also can’t rule out an error or miscalibration with your thermostat.

It’s difficult to diagnose, which is why it’s best to have a technician come out and do it for you. Suffice it to say, a furnace that suddenly won’t turn on usually has a reason that can be figured out.

Unsettling Noises

A combustion-style furnace makes noise when you turn it on. There are some creaks and groans, which is completely normal, but when your furnace doesn’t stop making noise after a few minutes, that’s a problem.

You can hear loud banging, rattling, or even clicking/chirping sounds from your furnace. Some noises can spell disaster by revealing a carbon monoxide leak from your heat exchanger.

A furnace should make a bit of noise and the occasional click, but it shouldn’t be a persistent, constant noise that you have to deal with.

Staying on Top of Your Furnace Problems

It’s impossible to avoid every problem your furnace will run into, but the next best thing to preventative maintenance is awareness.

Now you know what to look for. You can make the call and prevent major damage to your furnace by getting it repaired before it’s too late. It’s like a homeowner’s superpower. What are you going to do with it?

Contact Fresh Air, L.P. today to repair your furnace as soon as possible. You can’t leave it in disrepair (or the expenses will pile up). Let’s get in there and get it fixed.

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