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Symptoms of a Failing HVAC System and What to Do


Your HVAC system puts up with a lot of grief throughout its life cycle, but it’s not meant to last forever. How do you know when it’s finally calling it quits and closing the curtains?

It’s not always direct, so let’s tell you how you can find out if you need HVAC repair in Sugar Land or if it’s time to replace your unit. Depending on the age and maintenance history, most of the time you can get away with a repair instead.

Your AC Isn’t Cooling Enough

You flip it to cool, and it takes a long time. You’ve had maintenance, you know that the air filter is changed and the blower motor is running, but it’s not enough. Your AC just isn’t cooling that well anymore.

This may take a while to notice if you don’t typically pay attention to how long it takes for your home to cool down. Your home temperatures will take a longer time to drop to the desired degree with a failing system or it may not ever reach the temperature you want.

Recalibration or Not, Your Thermostat is Bugging Out

Your thermostat is like a controller for your HVAC system. If you set it to 74° F and it keeps bouncing between that and 80° F throughout the day, it’s going off the rails.

If your HVAC system functions properly and you’ve had it recently repaired or had a maintenance visit, it’s not that the unit isn’t doing its job: the thermostat is giving it incorrect information.

If a recalibration doesn’t do the trick, it could be time to replace the unit. Sometimes it can be software-related for fancier thermostats and fail for reasons that aren’t straightforward to diagnose.

That Blower Never Shuts Off

The blower motor is what forces air through the unit. You set your thermostat to 72° F, the blower turns on, and the air conditioner lowers the room to 72° F. That should be the end of your AC’s current cycle.

But it isn’t. Your blower keeps going even when the rest of your unit isn’t doing anything. This wears down the blower motor quickly, and it’s not a minor part to replace. This requires immediate care from a technician before it gets worse.

One Room is Hot, One Room is Cold

Unless your home has zone control, this difference is bad news. If it doesn’t (or zone control is a foreign concept entirely), your HVAC unit is failing to send cold or warm air through the ducts that lead to the furthest room in your home.

This is a sign that wear and tear are taking grip of your HVAC system. A technician will be able to tell if this is a simple fix, or if you may be looking for a replacement in the near future.

Wait, There’s a 50% Rule You Need to Know About

When your HVAC system costs 50% or more to repair than the price of buying a new system, it’s time to upgrade and say goodbye to your old unit.

That expensive repair won’t be the last time you spend money on that unit. It’s nearing the end of its life and won’t have the same cooling efficiency or vigor of a new HVAC system for your home.

Get to Repairs Before it Becomes a Problem

Notice something on this list that reminds you of your current HVAC system? It’s best to contact a repair technician to find out if a repair will suffice, or if the repair cost peaks over that 50% rule. It’s also important to note that HVAC systems manufactured after 2023 must abide by new SEER2 regulations, so new HVAC systems will be more expensive. Opt for a repair first when it makes sense.

Contact Fresh Air, L.P to schedule repairs for your failing HVAC system and reclaim your family’s comfort.

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