3 Ways to Improve Your Home Energy Efficiency

It feels like we were just battling wintertime temperatures that gave us a  serious run for our money. Thawing out in the warming weather is a nice change but unfortunately, it looks like this summer is going to be mimicking the extremes we saw a few months back. No, we don’t mean summertime will be icy cold—we mean it will be hot. Really hot.

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Now, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem if you have an air conditioner that is in prime condition. If you are worried about your system’s ability to do its job later this season, we’d suggest contacting an HVAC contractor in Houston, TX like the ones on our team to check things out. With that said, we want to offer you some helpful advice so you are better equipped to stay cool without a high cost.

Ways To Optimize Your Efficiency This Summer

You shouldn’t have to choose between staying cool and being able to pay your energy bills. So how do you get to the middle ground between comfort and cost-effectiveness? We have three best practices that can help you get there.

  1. Minimize the light getting into the house. Sunlight can be great for your mental health and even getting a tan but it isn’t your friend when it comes to keeping the house cool throughout the day. Use those curtains and blinds! Figure out which rooms in the home get the most sun throughout the day and try to keep them as dark as possible. This will cut down on the amount of heat in the home which will make your air conditioner’s job a lot easier—which means it won’t have to use as much energy to keep things comfortable.
  2. Take care of your air conditioner. We don’t mean to open it up and clean it out yourself. We do mean to make sure to do everything possible to keep your system running well. For you, that means changing out the system’s air filter every month and keeping the vents free of debris that might hinder the flow of air into the home. It also means keeping tabs on any noises your AC might make or issues it may start to exhibit so you can get professional repairs ASAP.
  3. Keep your thermostat demands at a reasonable temperature. Your thermostat can only go 20 degrees below whatever the outside temperature is. If you try to drive the temperature lower than this, it puts strain on your AC that can lead to early repairs or even a breakdown. According to the EPA, it is best to try to keep your thermostat setting around 78 degrees at the lowest to keep your home comfortable on sweltering days without increasing your energy bills.

The tips listed above should help you get the best effectiveness and efficiency from your air conditioner. However, that only applies if the system is in good condition. If your air conditioner needs some extra help, such as maintenance or repairs, to keep it going, then it is best to schedule these services soon!

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