AC Compressor Problems: When You Need More than Just Repairs

As summer approaches and temperatures continue to climb, it’s time for homeowners to start thinking about their air conditioners. Have you scheduled maintenance yet? If not, now is the time! We have plenty of hot days ahead and the last thing you want is an AC failure in the middle of it.

AC Compressor Problems When You Need More than Just Repairs

There’s one particular air conditioning repair in Cypress, TX that you want to always avoid if you can, and that’s a compressor burn-out. Summer puts a huge amount of stress on your air conditioner, and the main component that takes on the brunt of this work is your compressor.

The Problem with a Burnt-Out Compressor

The compressor of your air conditioner is quite literally the heart of the system. It’s a pump that allows refrigerant to circulate through the cooling system and applies energy to that refrigerant. If this compressor fails, it’s the most expensive part of the AC to replace. In fact, many times you need more than repairs when your compressor fails—it’s almost always more cost effective to replace the entire air conditioner.

But how can you prevent compressor burnout from occurring in the first place? Well, the best way to do this, as we alluded to above, is by scheduling maintenance. There are a number of important tasks completed during your professional maintenance appointment, but the most important part of maintenance is that it eases the strain on your cooling system, including you compressor—and a healthy compressor helps to keep your whole AC in good shape. So, what causes compressor failure, exactly?

  • Loss of Lubrication: If the compressor’s moving parts are not properly lubricated, which is an important step during maintenance, the whole system can seize up, and burn out. If you notice your compressor is hard-starting, be sure to call for technicians right away.
  • Bad Oil: Similar to your vehicle, if the oil in your AC compressor becomes viscous, it can ruin the motor and cause a system failure.
  • Acid and Moisture Buildup: Moisture in the compressor is a concern when humidity gets too high. Additionally, acid build-up is fairly common. During maintenance though, our technicians will check for both of these issues to see if they’re problems worth worrying about.
  • Failed Fan: A broken outdoor fan is a problem for AC systems in general, but it can also lead to a burned-out compressor, because the fan won’t be able to vent heat out as the compressor runs. This can lead to the compressor overheating.

As temperatures warm and you start using your air conditioner more and more, we encourage you to watch and listen for any potential problems, such as the distinct noise of a hard-starting compressor—this will sound like grinding and clicking—as the cooling cycle starts. This is a huge warning sign that your compressor is in danger. And remember, if you haven’t already scheduled maintenance, we urge you to call us right away to inspect your system.

Contact Fresh Air, LP today, whether you need a compressor replacement or a full system upgrade.

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