Is Your Home Ready for an AC Replacement?

Now that spring is officially here, and summer is right around the corner—not that we got much reprieve from the heat—it’s the perfect time to consider a Katy, TX air conditioner replacement if you think your system has just about had it.

Is Your Home Ready for an AC Replacement

A well-maintained air conditioning system has the potential to last about a decade, give or take a couple of years. Whether or not you have had maintenance done on a regular basis though, it’s a good idea to know the various signs of an air conditioner in need of replacement, versus repair.


As mentioned above, you can expect a well-cared for system to last about a decade. If your air conditioner is approaching this age or older, and you’ve had to have repairs done pretty frequently, then it likely makes sense to replace it as soon as possible. This is particularly true when you consider the technological advancements made with AC efficiency.


Speaking of efficiency, what’s your air conditioner’s SEER rating? SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio, and if yours has a low rating (below 13) then you may be surprised by just how much you can cut down on your energy costs by replacing it with a new, more efficient unit. AC units on the market today are designed with a SEER rating greater than 13.


Are you facing a huge or expensive repair to your system? It’s only natural that over the years, your air conditioner will need a repair or two. But when these repair needs start cropping up every few months rather than once every couple of years, it’s time to consider replacement. This is especially the case if your next repair is going to cost half of what replacing the system would cost you—replacing can sometimes just be the more cost-effective choice.


Older AC systems use Freon as their refrigerant. Freon is being phased out by the federal government in order to save energy nationwide. If your AC system utilizes Freon, then you’ll need to replace it eventually anyway in order to switch over to the new accepted refrigerant—R410A.


Are you experiencing uneven cooling in your home? While this could be the sign of an incorrectly sized system, if you’ve only just begun noticing this then it’s more likely that it’s the sign of damaged ductwork or a degrading air conditioner.


Are your utility bills climbing with no reasonable explanation? It could definitely be a sign of your air conditioning system being overworked. This happens when it’s either not well maintained, or as accrued damage that’s causing it to lose efficiency. It also happens, though, as your air conditioner ages—it simply cannot work as well as it once did.


Is your home dustier than usual? Hopefully, you’re equipped with the right indoor air quality products to keep your home spic and span. But if you’ve noticed a higher than normal accumulation of dust, it could be a sign that your ductwork is leaking or damaged somehow. You may be able to get by with simply repairing or replacing ducts, but this is certainly another sign that your overall HVAC system has aged to a point that replacement should be considered.

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