Beware These Common AC Emergencies!

It can be difficult at times, to know when it’s necessary to place a call for an air conditioning emergency. Some of the most common calls that we get is that the air conditioning system isn’t blowing cold air or that it isn’t turning on at all. Sometimes this can be traced back to a minor problem such as a mistakenly changed setting on a thermostat or even a power outage.

Other times, however, it truly is an emergency, particularly if you have occupants in your home with special needs that can’t go more than a few hours without cooling. Keep reading for some of the most common emergency calls professional HVAC technicians receive.

Screeching Noises

There are a couple different reasons you might hear a screeching sound coming from your AC system, one of which is far more serious than the other. The less severe problem is that a fan belt has become loose. However another reason for this could be that your compressor is operating at a high level of pressure, which requires an immediate shut-off and a prompt repair appointment.

Burning Smell

Any type of burning smell coming from your air conditioner should be an immediate cause for alarm. Typically, this means you are experiencing an electrical problem of some kind, and something has heated up to the point that it’s melted. It’s essential that you shut off your AC until a professional can get in and take a look.

No Air

There are various reasons that you could be getting little to no airflow from your AC. Sometimes this might be as simple as replacing a clogged up air filter, but other times it could mean something more serious. If you’ve checked for all the obvious issues and still have this problem, it’s time to call for repairs.

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