Commercial Cooling: Eliminate Wasted Space with Rooftop Units

Your commercial HVAC system differs from residential systems in a number of ways. First off, it likely has to cool more space, and you might have specific cooling needs that must be met for your business to function as it should. For instance, perhaps you need to keep computer system from overheating, or maybe you are a manufacturing business and have specialized refrigeration needs.

Commercial Cooling Eliminate Wasted Space with Rooftop Units

Commercial spaces require specialized care and attention when it comes to HVAC installations and services, so it’s important that you use a company you can trust for the job. In most cases, we recommend the use of rooftop units when it comes to commercial HVAC in Houston, TX. These consist of multiple, modular, units placed atop your commercial space.

This may seem counterintuitive—exposing your air conditioner to blazing hot summers—however, commercial units are developed to handle these issues easily, plus they offer a number of benefits for business and commercial property owners.

Easy Access

One of the last things you want to deal with in your place of business is an HVAC technician trampling through your workspace, causing a business interruption, just to conduct HVAC repairs or maintenance. Rooftop units eliminate this problem altogether.

Our technicians can reach your system and work on it without interrupting anyone, enabling you to keep moving forward while also managing any HVAC issues you might be experiencing. Rooftop access also gives you more freedom to move new units and other HVAC equipment in and out with ease.


As we mentioned above, rooftop units are designed in a modular fashion. This lets you increase or decrease your cooling and heating power, whether that means you’re addressing a changing need for an existing business or accommodating the needs of a new business taking up residence in your commercial property.

It’s simple for our pros to install a new modular unit onto an existing system, or even remove one if needed. The rooftop makes the perfect spot to do that, since it’s easier to add and subtract units without the need to access your actual business pace. Additionally, the rooftop gives you plenty of space to expand your system to hold as many units as possible.

Space Saving

It makes sense that any office or business needs to make proper use of their existing space—you may need to cover storage space, workstations, showrooms, parking and more. An HVAC system within your place of business means using up some of that valuable space unnecessarily, to accommodate the system.

The roof lets you set up the system in an unused portion of space, allowing you to store more materials, expand a showroom, give your staff more area to work with, or even add a couple of parking spots to help workers and/or customers come and go easily. Ultimately, rooftop HVAC units let you worry less about your heating and cooling needs, and more about your bottom line.

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