What to Do about a Cooling System That Won’t Cool

When you need to accurately pinpoint what exactly is wrong with a malfunctioning air conditioner, what you really need is to call a professional who specializes in air conditioning repair in Katy, TX. In our area, we know how essential it is that you have a fully functional and efficiently operating air conditioner. Because of that, we hope that you already had your maintenance session done for the season and don’t have to worry about any problems befalling your system.

What to Do about a Cooling System That Wont Cool

Chances are though, if you’re reading this blog post, you might already be facing a problem. So, although you can expect our advice to be “give our professionals a call to schedule service,” we do want to give you an idea of what to expect when we come, and what you can do before we get there, to diagnose what’s going on with your cooling system.

Have You Checked the Thermostat?

We’re sorry, but we have to mention this. Consider it good news, though! There’s a chance that the reason your cooling system is failing to actually cool your home is because somebody in your household accidentally set it to “fan only” mode.

Or, it could even be that someone purposefully changed the settings on your thermostat because they have different cooling preferences than you. Regardless, whenever you have temperature trouble with your HVAC system, the first thing you should check is the thermostat.

Change the Air Filter If You Haven’t Already

There’s a mistaken belief many homeowners have that the air filter, which comes standard with your HVAC system, is there to protect the indoor air quality of your home. While it does have some effect on your indoor air quality, it’s actually there to protect the inside components of the system, and if it gets too dirty and clogged up, it won’t enable cool air to flow through to your living space.

You Might Have a Frozen Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil is the part of your air conditioning system where heat is drawn from the air and cooled. Ice may seem like a normal part of this process, but it’s not. This ice blocks the coil from absorbing heat, and therefore the cooling process can’t be completed.

But what is the ice caused by? In some cases, it’s actually due to nothing more than a dirty air filter, which brings us back to the previous point. However, it may also be from a refrigerant leak, which is something that must be located and repaired by a professional.

The Compressor Motors May Have Failed

The fan in your cooling system’s air handler may be working just fine—sending out air through your ventilation system. But if the outdoor compressor unit isn’t running as it should due to failed capacitors, or a malfunctioning motor, then you won’t receive any cooling at all.

Our expertly trained technicians will check on your compressor to see if the problem can be repaired. If the compressor has burnt out, however, then it will need replacement. In almost all circumstances, if your air conditioner has reached this point it is often a better financial decision to replace the whole system.

Broken Condenser Fan

The outdoor portion of your air conditioning system houses a fan, responsible for drawing outdoor air into the system and across the condenser coil, so heat can be released to the outside. If the fan isn’t working, the heat cannot be released, and as a result, the refrigerant will not cool down and your air conditioner can’t effectively do its job. Be sure to call in a professional if you suspect a problem with this fan.

For reliable air conditioner repairs, contact Fresh Air, LP today.

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