Don’t Ignore Your Condensate Drain

There are a lot of different parts to your air conditioner that go into helping it operate properly. From the evaporator coil to the blower fan to the ductwork, there are a lot of different things that your system makes use of to do its job. As you might expect, keeping these different parts clean and in good condition is important. Your condensate drain or condensate line is no exception to this rule.

Dont Ignore Condensate Drain

Though not often talked about, the condensate drain is a part of your air conditioner that is necessary to keep your system functioning, even if it isn’t directly involved in creating cool air. We want to give you some information on what the condensate line is, why it is important, and how to tell when it needs some maintenance.

What is Condensate?

Condensate is water that comes off of your evaporator drain created by moisture or humidity left behind on the coil as the heat from your home’s air is absorbed into the refrigerant in your system. This is a normal byproduct that is collected into a condensate pan in your system.

What is a Condensate Drain?

A condensate drain or condensate line is built into your air conditioner as a way to siphon away the condensate your system creates. There is usually a primary and secondary condensate drain just in case one becomes clogged. This is a vital component to your air conditioner because it protects both your home and your air conditioner from a build-up of moisture which could cause mold or mildew.

Your Condensate Drain Can Become Clogged

Your condensate drain can become clogged over time. This is because the condensate that comes off your system is also going to have some of the dust and debris that might get into your system. After a while, all that dirty condensate can leave behind a clog-causing sludge–this is why many systems have two lines to account for if one becomes clogged.

Can I Unclog My Condensate Drain?

If you notice that your system seems to be leaking, or realize that the secondary condensate drain in your home is the one dripping, you should reach out to a professional to get the line clear again. You don’t want to try to do this job yourself or have an amateur try their hand at it because it can lead to additional problems and extra repairs in the future.

You Can Turn To Us For Help

The professionals on our team have been serving the greater Houston and Fort Bend area for more than 50 years and we hope to keep doing so for years to come. We have the training, certifications, experience necessary to ensure we get your HVAC services done right to matter what. Whether it is a clogged condensate drain or any other air conditioning repair in Richmond, TX, we will make sure that we get the issue resolved so you can keep cool.

Reach out to the team of professional technicians at Fresh Air, LP for an appointment.

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