Ductless Systems: Everything you need to Know

Going without cooling in Texas is unthinkable. But, many homes aren’t set up for larger central air conditioning units. Therefore, many homeowners turn to window units to cool down their home. If you’re one of these homeowners, however, you’ve likely found that it’s pretty difficult to keep your home consistently comfortable this way.

Ductless Systems Everything you need to Know

Window units are noisy, inefficient, and generally don’t last very long. But what can you do, if you aren’t able to have a central system installed? It’s time to consider a ductless installation in Houston, TX.

The Ductless Difference

Homeowners often assume that ductless systems operate similarly to window AC units, or the type of ac unit that is installed by cutting a huge hole in an outside wall. On the contrary, a ductless mini split system is designed and set up differently—more efficiently so—than these types of systems.

This is because it involves feeding a refrigerant line from the outdoor unit to the inside, but that’s only a small tube that goes through the wall (as opposed to bulky ductwork snaking its way through your home). In other words, although professional installation is essential, you don’t have to worry about any major renovations being done to your home in order to accommodate a ductless system.

With a ductless system, a number of indoor blower units hook up to an outdoor unit, and the indoor blowers are mounted high up on the walls to cool the room in which they’re installed directly.

Optimal Efficiency

Ductless cooling systems are developed with the same high-efficiency technology that central air conditioner are—this means you’ll see high savings over what you would pay with a bunch of window units throughout the home.

A large part of the reason that central AC systems lose efficiency is due to air leaks in the ductwork, which reduces the efficiency of the cooling system by as much as 30%. However, ductless systems don’t have this problem, which means that they can perform even more efficiently than conventional air conditioning systems with the same SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating.

Year-Round Comfort

Most ductless systems operate on heat pump technology. This means that in addition to cooling your home in the summer, they can be used to heat a home in the winter just as effectively and efficiently.

The refrigerant that removes heat from your home in the summer can reverse direction to transfer heat into the home instead. This makes ductless systems ideal for climates like ours, where it’s warm for most of the year—rather than investing in an air conditioner and a furnace or some other type of heater, you can have a two-in-one solution.

Don’t Let the Cost Scare You

As we mentioned above, the cost of a ductless system installation is typically more than that of a central system. However, over time the cost savings will help you get an excellent return on your investment. For example, a ductless system will last longer than a window unit or portable AC, meaning that you won’t find yourself paying for a replacement system as quickly.

Additionally, ductless systems use significantly less energy in comparison to other AC types, and you get centralized control for even more efficiency and personalized comfort.

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