Emergency Cooling Tips for When Your AC Fails

The last thing you want to contend with this time of year is a broken down cooling system. Ideally, you will have had maintenance done in at least the last year, to take care of any urgent repair needs. But even a system that is well maintained can break down. When this happens, you need to know how to stay comfortable in your home.

Our team offers 24-hour emergency AC services so you don’t have to worry for too long. However, while you wait for repairs to be done, what can you do to keep yourself and your family cool? Keep reading for some of our tips.

To Cool Down Your Body

The temperature of the air around you is not the only think that impacts how hot or cold you are. Stay hydrated with cold liquids, which will also keep you cool. Try also wiping yourself down with water soaked towels and/or taking a cool shower to rid yourself of sweat and dirt. This will make it easier for your body to release unwanted heat.

To Cool Down Your Home

There are a couple of ways you can cool down your home, at least a little bit. Both methods involve evaporative cooling. The first method is to hang wet sheets in front of your windows. This way, as the outside air passes through them, it will be a little bit cooler. The other method is taking a bowl of ice cubes and placing it in front of a fan.

Another important factor in cooling your home is eliminating heat-generating devices. For example, incandescent lighting adds a lot of heat to your home, as does your oven and stove and equipment such as an entertainment center.

For high quality, 24-hour emergency air conditioning services in Richmond, TX, trust in the expertise of Fresh Air, LP

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