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How Dust Can Negatively Impact Your Air Conditioner

Dust and dirt are so common—and so seemingly minor—that it may seem strange to even consider the impact that they have on your air conditioning system. However, they are in fact pretty dangerous if given the right circumstances.

Just as getting sand in a cell phone or other electronic device would cause issues, dirt and dust can create trouble for the components of your whole-home air conditioning system. You probably wouldn’t notice problems right away. But if dust and dirt are left to buildup on and in your system, then you will start to see the impact, and it won’t be pretty. Keep reading to learn more about these issues.

Restricted Airflow

If dust and dirt are allowed to build up within your ductwork, then the buildup can restrict airflow due to the friction in the ducts. This will impact how your system works over all. Not to mention, dirty air ducts can have a severe impact on your home’s indoor air quality—making you and your family ill.

Problems with the Air Filter

Your air conditioning system’s air filter is not made to last forever. In fact, it should be changed every 1-3 months to ensure it doesn’t become too clogged up. Blocked air filters can have a huge impact on their corresponding air conditioning systems, requiring them to work harder than they should have to and reducing their effectiveness and efficiency… which brings us to our next point:

Reduced Efficiency

There are a couple ways that dirt and dust buildup can reduce the energy efficiency of your cooling system. As we mentioned above, it can clog up your air filter and cause the AC to work harder than it would normally have to. Plus, even the thinnest layer of dust can impact how your coils and components work—on a coil it acts as insulation, which inhibits the heat release and cooling process.

In addition to regularly changing your air filter, it’s important that you schedule professional maintenance for your cooling system at least once a year (twice a year if you utilize a heat pump).

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