Is a Pro or an Amateur Better?

Oh no! You just got home and you set your Wi-Fi thermostat before you left the office to cool things off, but when you walked through the door, it was hotter inside than it was outside. This means that you need air conditioning repair–but will your schedule this service with an HVAC contractor in Missouri City, TX, or will you try to get it done through a DIY attempt or amateur service?

Is It Ever Too Late if I Skipped AC Maintenance

The answer you give will likely determine how comfortable you are for the rest of the summer. We know the temptation to save a bit can be strong but amateur services are never really worth it because you’ll end up paying more money for extra repairs or an early replacement. With that said, let us tell you why it is always worth it to schedule your services with a professional.

What to Expect: Professional vs. Amateur Work

So what are the big differences between the work provided by an amateur and a job done by a professional? There are plenty of perks that you will get from scheduling the necessary work with a professional technician but let us explain it to you by telling you two stories to show you exactly why there is such a big difference.

Andy Calls an Amateur for His AC Work

Andy went to turn on his air conditioner one day and realized that it wasn’t working well. He thought that he probably needed to get it repaired but he wasn’t sure if he wanted to go through the trouble of finding and contacting a professional so instead, he called his neighbor who had some know-how about home systems to help him. While his neighbor tried his best to fix the issue, Andy’s AC only worked a little bit for a couple of weeks before suffering an early breakdown due to complications from a shoddy repair job.

Perry Contacted a Professional for a Repair

A few streets down from Andy, Perry also found himself facing a similar dilemma with an AC in disrepair. Unlike Andy though, Perry knew to contact a professional because he wanted someone with the right training, years of verified experience, and the licensing and certifications to prove it, so he could sit back and relax knowing his AC was in good hands. Perry reached out to a technician at Fresh Air, LP who came by with all their paperwork to prove they knew what they were doing at to put Perry’s mind at ease. After a short period of time, the technician identified the issue and fixed it, and tuned up a couple of extra things they caught to prevent another repair from occurring too early on, which also helped the system last longer.

The Final Verdict

As you can see there are some big differences between Andy and Perry’s stories. Andy ended up uncomfortable and needing to spend far more money than a repair would have cost him while Perry got a cool home and several more years of use out of his air conditioner because he worked with a pro.

Trust us when we say professional service is always worth it. When you need an experienced technician for your AC services, contact Fresh Air, LP

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