When Is It Time to Replace Rather than Repair?

With the official end of summer here, now is the time that people across the country are getting ready to use their heating systems and shut off their AC systems for the season. Of course, air conditioner use is almost a year-round thing for us. That means that if you’re having any operational problems, then you need to address them now. It’s a good idea to ask yourself if your air conditioner can reliably get through another year without professional help.

When Is It Time to Replace Rather than Repair

But how do you know when you need air conditioning repair in Houston, TX or when replacement is a better option? Signs of an air conditioner in disrepair include an AC system that’s making noises like clanging or rattling, or warm air coming from the vents.  But there are some signs that suggest a full replacement is a better option. These signs include:

An Expired Warranty

Air conditioner warranties cover the parts of the cooling system for a specific period of time, ensuring that repair costs stay down as long as the warranty is in effect. With routine maintenance and other steps, most AC systems can last for months or even years after the warranty expires. However, if the warranty has expired and either of the two following signs of trouble come up, replacement may be the better option.

Multiple Repair Bills

Air conditioning systems wear out over time, this is a given. Even the most well-cared for units will succumb to age eventually. This means that repair bills will become more and more common. Any system that experiences more than two breakdowns within a year may be a candidate for replacement, as are units that suffer only one breakdown but are looking at a very expensive repair to get them running again. A general rule of thumb is that if your next repair or set of repairs is going to cost half of what a new system would, it’s better to replace the system.

Higher Utility Bills

The cost of simply running your air conditioner might steadily rise the older and older the system gets. This is a sign of advancing age and multiple worn out parts that just can’t do their job as well as they once did. Your monthly costs will begin rising, to the point that they substantially interfere with the ability to keep a reasonable monthly budget. Replacement often means that you’ll save a great deal.


Checking for replacement options this time of the year means that you can enjoy improved savings and efficiency sooner rather than later, among other benefits. If you do find you need a replacement AC system, you have plenty of time to wait for some cooler weather to schedule the installation, allowing yourself to schedule it at your leisure. Waiting until next summer may leave you in a lurch, stuck with a broken down system and the inability to schedule a quick replacement as technicians will be out on emergency calls.

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