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Air conditioners are the reason we can stay at home comfortably during summers. Therefore, we need to ensure that our AC system is working properly at the beginning of summer. Getting your repairs or maintenance done early does not leave you waiting for repair experts to come when they experience a heavy workload.


Here are five signals you need to schedule your air conditioner repairs now!

Warm Air

Sometimes when AC repairs are due, you will feel warm air coming out the vents of your air conditioner. In such cases, the first thing to do is see if the thermostat is on cooling mode aka a lower temperature displayed than the current weather. If everything is set to the correct mode, yet the air blown out by the AC is warm, then you might be facing compressor problems or limited airflow.

Reduced Airflow

Another sign that your AC needs repairs are airflow problems. Reduced airflow stops the system from working efficiently. Reasons for this could be a blocked air filter, a damaged motor, or even a bigger problem.

If this proves to be a persistent issue outside of your AC, then you can install energy-recovery ventilators in your house if you commonly run into airflow problems. They will allow the A.C. to work better by swapping stale air dirty air with fresh air every time the ERV cycles air. Another thing that can assist the A.C. to perform better is a zoning system. It will make sure that A.C. is receiving the correct airflow and cooling force.

Increased Humidity Levels

Air conditioners limit the humidity levels indoors. In summers, we usually find ourselves feeling sticky and humid outdoors, but it should not be the case when we are indoors with a properly working A.C. system.

If you are experiencing uncomfortable moisture levels like what you experience outside, your AC may need repairs. Sometimes, the issue could be solved by simply re-calibrating the system. In other situations, it may need more comprehensive repairs or even a house dehumidifier.

Water Leaks

Air conditioners use the process of condensation as well as a refrigerant to chill the inside of your homes. Though with a properly functioning AC, neither of these liquids should leak in your house.

Don’t waste time if you can see pooled water or live leaks in the vicinity of your AC. This is a clear signal that your air conditioner needs repairs quickly. Call an HVAC professional immediately as leaks can damage your home, causing structural issues if the problem persists for a long time.

Bad Odors

If you experience any nasty smell from the air conditioning system, you may want to schedule a meeting with an HVAC professional before the smell worsens. Sometimes a simple tune-up will do the trick, and you will be able to use your AC again, while other times, you may need a more intricate solution.

Other ways to solve a smelly AC system are duct cleaning or Ultraviolet lamps (U.V.), which eradicate microbial growth.

If you live in Cypress or the surrounding area, call Fresh Air, L.P to schedule your air conditioning repair in Cypress, TX.

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