The Importance of Hiring Licensed and Insured HVAC Professionals

When you hire someone to install or service your HVAC system, chances are you want it to be someone you can trust to do the job right. You might be tempted to hire an amateur handyman or even an enthusiastic DIY-enthusiast who lives down the street. However, in order to truly ensure an effective installation, you will want to obtain services from a licensed and insured HVAC contractor.

Avoid Liability

One of the main reasons you should hire a professional is for liability purposes. When you hire a licensed technician or contractor, you won’t be held responsible if one of the contractor’s workers gets injured while performing work on your HVAC system. Your HVAC professionals should not only have the right state and local licenses, but should carry workman’s compensation—also referred to as worker’s comp—insurance.


A licensed air conditioning company such as Fresh Air, LP only employs trained technicians who have what it takes to perform a wide variety of HVAC tasks. Only a professional will understand how to correctly size an HVAC system for your home, how to install it correctly, and how to ensure that the ductwork is hooked up effectively.

Adherence to Rules and Regulations

There are a number of rules and regulations, such as building codes, that HVAC contractors must follow when installing a unit. Most homeowners are unaware of these stipulations, but a licensed contractor will know, and hiring one will reduce the chance that you’ll run into problems later on.

Comprehensive Services

Installation is just one small part of HVAC services. A professional technician will be able to also conduct repairs, maintenance services, and even be able to recommend replacement when needed. With a licensed and insured contractor, you’ll have a peace of mind that any HVAC service you need will be done effectively and efficiently.

Contact Fresh Air, LP today to ensure that your air conditioning services in Katy, TX and surrounding areas are conducted by licensed and insured HVAC technicians.

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