What is Short-Cycling?

Texas is one of several states that requires the use of efficient, well-maintained air conditioning systems. If you are live in the Lone Star state and you don’t have a properly working AC, you are likely to encounter uncomfortable days filled with heat and humidity throughout most of the year.

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If you have a good cooler though, you don’t have to worry about finding sanctuary from high temperatures in a coffee shop or library because you can keep your home as comfortable as you want. However, this doesn’t mean your system will never encounter issues.

One of the many common problems that we see in residential AC systems is short-cycling. Some residents may not realize that short-cycling is an issue simply because their air conditioner is still running, even if it seems to be doing so in short spurts.

The truth is that an air conditioning system that is short-cycling is one that needs repairs sooner than later.

What It Is

Short cycling refers to the instance when your cooling system is trying to run through its usual cooling cycle but said cycle is being reduced for one reason or another.

The average cycle that your system goes through is about 15 to 20 minutes in length from the time it kicks on to the time it shuts off. If your AC starts up its cooling cycle only to shut off a few minutes later, this indicates that it is short-cycling.

This issue actually prevents it from properly cooling your home. Even worse, it will end up costing you money in long run because your system is working harder to do its job, yet it still can’t get its job done! All of this should make it clear that short-cycling is not an issue to ignore.

What It Means

Overly short cooling cycles are a symptom. A system that is short-cycling may have a root cause based in a number of different issues. These can include:

  • Your AC is low on refrigerant so it cannot produce cool air correctly.
  • The system’s air filter needs is clogged and needs to be cleaned or replaced.
  • Your evaporator coil is dirty and cannot absorb heat correctly, leading to your AC overheating and shutting off.
  • The air conditioner was improperly sized and is too big so it cools your home too quickly.

How To Fix It

A short-cycling air conditioner is, thankfully, a fixable problem. Your filter can be cleared or debris build-up, your refrigerant can be topped off and the leak stopped, your evaporator coil can be cleaned and your system can be resized. The important detail in all of this is that your schedule these air conditioning services in Katy, TX to be done quickly after you notice the problem, and to be done by a professional.

If you have noticed that your air conditioning system seems to be having trouble getting the job done, the time has come to reach out to Fresh Air, LP for maintenance and repairs. Our NATE-certified technicians can help you identify your system’s root issue and get it fixed in a timely manner.

Schedule your appointment with Fresh Air, LP now to get the care you need for your cooler. 

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