Why Won’t My AC Turn Off?

Ideally, when your cooling system runs, it should produce a low key amount of noise that blends into the background of your day. The only downside to this is that you may not notice when your unit seems to keep running.

Is It Ever Too Late if I Skipped AC Maintenance

If you have recently realized that your cooling system simply seems to keep going and going, it may be time to look into this phenomenon. The fact is that your AC shouldn’t run all day long and it doing so is actually an indicator that you will need the help of professionals offering air conditioning repair in Richmond, TX.

If you would like to know more about what is keeping your system from ever shutting down, we suggest you read on!

If it seems like your cooling system never stops to catch its breath, you have a problem on your hands. There are actually several problems that might lead to a cooler that runs continuously. If any one of the conditions below sound familiar, your best option is to reach out for repair services ASAP.

Your Unit is Improperly Sized

Whether too big or too small, there is no benefit to having an AC unit that is sized wrong. If the unit is too big it is liable to short cycle whereas one that is too small will work overtime to try to cool the home. In either case, your system will end up gorging itself on energy to try to do its job which is bad news for your monthly bill.

Your System Needs a Scrub

Can you remember the last time you cleaned your air filter? When was the last time you checked your outdoor unit or vents for dirt and debris? A little bit of build up can make a big difference for your indoor air temperature. Checking your system for dust and other impediments to air flow can help it do its job much more efficiently.

Your Thermostat Didn’t Get the Memo

If your AC has been running for hours and you are feeling nice and cool, but your thermostat is still telling you that it is too hot, you may have found the problem. If your thermostat isn’t working correctly it may not realize that the air has reached the correct temperature. This means it won’t tell your AC to turn off even if its job is done.

Your Home Has Leaks

Everyone has encountered a situation where they’ve been told (reprimanded) about the importance of closing the door while the AC is running. However, you can still lose cold air even with all the door and windows sealed tight…or so you think. Having a home that is or is not sealed goes a long way in determining how hard your cooler works. If your home isn’t sealed that means there are places for the cool air to leak out, creating an ongoing need for cool air.

If any of these situations sound familiar, or even if none of them doing, calling a professional air conditioner technician is your best bet to address an ever-running cooling system.

Contact the pros at Fresh Air, LP to learn more about our services for your AC. Because when you live in Richmond, you can’t afford not to keep cool.

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