How to Deal with Dusty Ducts

Whatever is in your ductwork is what is going to be making its way into your home. This means that when you run the heater and there is hot air in your ducts, it will come through into your home. The same applies to cool air during summer. And, of course, if there is a large amount of dust and debris in your ductwork, that will also make it into your home.

Help Your Family Breathe Easier with Professional Duct Cleaning

So, the next time you turn on your ductwork, consider what you are going to be blowing into your home. Is it just temperature-controlled air, or are you creating a small house-sized dust storm?

If you have dusty ductwork, there is a great solution to the problem that we can offer you: duct cleaning for your HVAC in Katy, TX.

How Do You Know You Have Dirty Ductwork

Duct work can collect a decent layer of debris within it over time. This doesn’t means that the filters for your heating or air conditioning system don’t work, it just means that every once in a while they don’t catch every particle.

This means that, over an extended period of times (usually a year or more) dust and debris will begin to collect in your ductwork. Now this may seem pretty harmless but it can actually impact your comfort quite a bit. Check for some of the following indicators you have ductwork that needs to be cleaned out;

  1. You see dust exiting your vents. Do you see dust pouring out of your vents when you turn on your HVAC system? This isn’t normal–it is a sign that there is a large amount of debris in your ductwork that needs to be cleared.
  2. There is a reduced level of airflow. Believe it or not, debris build-up can actually hinder your airflow, usually because it begins to block the vents around your home.
  3. Furniture and other surfaces seem to be always dirty. If there is dust always being blown out of your vents, it will end up on your tables, chairs, and other furniture and surfaces. This means faster build-up around the home, causing a dirty home and likely more allergy and respiratory irritation.

Get Your Dirty Ducts Dealt With

When your ductwork is showing signs that it is struggling with too much dust, you don’t want to just take a vacuum to it. For one thing, you are more likely to just push that dust into your home; for another, you could harm your ductwork and have a whole other problem on your hands.

Instead, you are better off reaching out to the HVAC professionals on our team. Our technicians will come to your home and assess your ductwork. Using professional tools, your tech will safely and effectively remove the built up dust and debris in your ducts, leaving you with fresh, clean air.

Ready to ditch the dust and enjoy better airflow? Call or click today to set an appointment with a member of our team.

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