Does Your Heat Pump Need Repairs?

You’re never felt like you wanted to “show-off” an HVAC system before. And yet, after you got your heat pump, it felt like you couldn’t stop telling people how great it was. We don’t blame you—with high efficiency and year-round comfort, what isn’t to love?

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Of course, when something goes wrong with this system, that pride can rapidly become frustration. We hate to be the bearers of bad news but even systems that are as efficient and modern as heat pumps will eventually need a heating repair in Katy, TX. When any issues with your heat pump pop up, make sure you come to us for service that fixes the issue without a hassle.

How Do I Know My Heat Pump Needs Repairs?

Having a heat pump in need of repairs is not something to try to ignore. You want to get the system fixed as soon as you can. To do that you’ll need to know what the indicators are that you actually need a repair. Here are some warning signs to watch for so you know when to contact a technician.

  1. Your heat pump has started to make odd noises. Any sound other than the whoosh of air from your air handler or vents is likely to be a sign of trouble. Be on the alert for sounds like hissing, rattling, clanking, screeching, buzzing, or even clicking.
  2. The system can’t provide heat to the house. Heat pumps have a unique ability–they can provide both heat and cool air to your home. That is, they should be able to. If your heat pump is only offering lukewarm or room temperature air when you are asking for heat, something is wrong.
  3. Energy bills are going up without reason. A heat pump that is having trouble accomplishing its job of heating your home is likely to start using extra energy to try to get by. This means higher bills for you with little to no actual benefit for your home comfort.
  4. The airflow is weaker than normal. Go check the airflow from your heat pump. If the air handler or one of the vents in the house is emitting weaker airflow, this is a good reason to reach out for help. It could be as simple as a filter that needs to be changed or it could be a leak in your ducts.
  5. The system is short cycling: Does your heat pump turn on only to shut off again within a few minutes? This is known as short cycling and it is a major problem. For one it will impede on your ability to keep your home warm. For two, it will wear down your heat pump and can even reduce its lifespan. A short cycling system needs professional service ASAP.

So, do any of these warning signs sound familiar? If so, then it would be a good idea to reach out to a professional team of technicians to get it back into working order again.

Come to the pros at Fresh Air, LP to get your heat pump running. Contact us today.

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