Here’s What You Can Expect With your First Heater Tune-Up

Have you had a central heater installed within the last year? If so, great! Our temperatures may not get as cold as some other parts of the country, but we know all too well that a 40 degree night is nothing to scoff at. So now that you’re equipped with a heater, it’s time to start thinking about maintenance. An annual heather tune-up is vital to its functionality and its safety.

It’s never too early, or too late, to start thinking about scheduling this important service, as long as you do so once a year—twice a year if you have a heat pump. Scheduling maintenance before you actually need to use your heating system on a daily basis is the best thing you can do for your system. But what can you actually expect during your first heating maintenance appointment?

A Thorough Inspection

This is probably the most important part of your heater tune-up. Our highly trained professionals use this time to thoroughly check the system to ensure that it’s as operable as it should be without any urgent repair needs. If your system does need repairs, then we will recommend you handle them ASAP to prevent further damage.

Comprehensive Cleaning

If even just one component within your heating system is dirty, it can impact the entire system. For example, if you have a heat pump coil that is blocked by a layer of debris and grime, then it won’t be able to effectively absorb heat from the outside air.


Due to natural wear and tear, at some point there may be a component that needs adjusting, such as a bent flame sense or a misaligned coil. While this is relatively minor, if left neglected it can begin to negatively impact your entire system.

To schedule your Richmond, TX heating maintenance appointment, contact Fresh Air, LP today.

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