It Isn’t Too Late For Furnace Maintenance

The holiday season has passed and we are fully into the new year. Now everything is about staying warm and going about our normal daily tasks again. But in all the bustle of the holidays, did you forget to schedule maintenance for your furnace?

It Isn’t Too Late For Furnace Maintenance

It may seem like it is too late to be talking about this service but we are happy to contradict that line of thinking. If your furnace is operational, you can still schedule maintenance! And, what’s more, late maintenance can still be beneficial.

What Happens During Maintenance

You can think of maintenance as something like training before the marathon. This furnace service in Cypress, TX prepares your heater for the hard work it will have to do in winter and spring. Unlike training for a marathon though, you can still get maintenance done even in the thick of things.

When you schedule this service with an HVAC contractor like the ones at Fresh Air, LP, you can expect them to provide a comprehensive check-up for your system. This includes:

  • Tightening and adjusting loose parts
  • Identifying and repairing parts that are going to break
  • Cleaning off furnace burners
  • Checking and changing our dirty air filters
  • Checking all gas connections
  • Checking the furnace blower door
  • And more!

Late Maintenance Still Has Benefits

The real question you want answered is whether or not you should bother with late maintenance. Can’t you just wait until next fall? Well, you can, but you are more likely to encounter additional heating repair needs as a result.

Late maintenance is absolutely still worth it. This service can still offer great benefits which include:

  • Reducing the chances of repair needs: When you schedule maintenance each year, you are going to be preventing a majority of repair needs over the course of your system’s lifespan. This is because maintenance addresses issues that could become repair needs before they escalate.
  • Keeping energy bills manageable: Things like loose parts or a dirty air filter can increase the strain on your heater and force it to use more energy to heat up your home. In contrast, regular maintenance can help keep energy usage on the lower end which, in turn, keeps your monthly bills manageable.
  • Improving system efficiency: As we just mentioned, maintenance helps keep your heater’s energy efficiency level where it is supposed to be. This helps to prevent up to a 5% loss of efficiency in your system each year.
  • Lengthening your system lifespan: Maintenance reduces the impact of regular wear and tear on your heater each season. This can help to increase the amount of time your heater will be able to serve your home before needing replacement.
  • Improving overall effectiveness: Finally, maintenance will help optimize the heating process, which means you’ll be able to keep warmer without a hassle.

As you can see, regular heating system maintenance is going to benefit you, even if it is late. As we said, as long as your heater hasn’t broken down completely, it can still benefit from a tune-up.

Schedule your heater maintenance with Fresh Air, LP today.

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