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It may seem too soon to begin thinking about our heating systems, but if our chillier nights are any indication, winter is on its way. Although our great state is mostly known for its heat, winter can pack quite the punch. Therefore, it’s important to be prepared. One way to ensure that you are is by scheduling maintenance for your ductless heating and cooling system.

Perhaps you’re thinking, “But I already did this in spring.” Ductless systems are different from conventional air conditioners or furnaces in that they are a two-in-one system. This means that they require maintenance more than just once a year, as they work far longer throughout the year than their traditional counterparts.

Twice a Year Ductless Maintenance

Problems with ductless heating and cooling systems are progressive. This means that they get worse the longer they are allowed to continue. Since your ductless system is used all year long, timely repairs are the best way to reduce the risk of continued damage. Unfortunately, not all issues present themselves as soon as they develop, and this is why twice-yearly maintenance is vital.

Maintenance appointments enable our team to identify any developing issues within your system and repair them before they accumulate into something much larger. This way, you can save your system from a lot of damage that you otherwise wouldn’t see coming.

Why So Often?

As we mentioned above, most air conditioning and heating systems only need maintenance once a year. But because ductless systems are heat pumps, they’re capable of providing both heating and cooling. This means that they are often the only climate control systems that are used all year round. This is why a second maintenance appointment is necessary—since they’re used twice as often as a traditional system.

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