Should You Choose a Gas Or Electric Heater?

Furnaces have been a great source of home heating for hundreds of years. Let’s be clear though, the furnaces of today are set apart from the ones that may have been in a home 100 years ago. Modern systems use different fuels and are far more efficient and effective too.

Should You Choose a Gas Or Electric Heater?

Let’s talk about those fuel sources for a moment. If you are looking at getting a furnace upgrade anytime soon, or even if you are just curious about what your options are, you’ll need to understand what is available in terms of what your furnace can use to do its job.

Your Options: All-Electric or Natural Gas

There are more than two options out there for furnace fuels. But we want to focus on these two because oil or diesel-fueled furnaces are getting fewer and further between.

The two main options available for a furnace in a modern home is going to be a natural gas-powered furnace or an all-electric furnace. There are different perks and drawbacks for each of these fuel types that we will dive into.

What to Know About All-Electric Furnaces

Having an all-electric furnace can sound like the ideal situation at first. However, these systems aren’t for everyone. Electric furnaces are, of course, energy-efficient and effective at heating. That said, they can be pricey.

An electric furnace is beneficial for homes that don’t have a natural gas line already or are too far off to get a natural gas connection. They are also great for those homes that are in areas where electricity is highly affordable. If you can get electricity at a good price, then an all-electric furnace can be a great fit, especially because they are extremely safe, quiet, and eco-friendly as well.

What to Know About Natural Gas Furnaces

Natural gas furnaces tend to be a bit more commonplace in homes across the country. This is because they tend to be highly affordable and, while they do use gas, they are still efficient and pretty environmentally friendly.

Natural gas is quite affordable and burns in a clean manner. If you already have a natural gas connection, getting a natural gas furnace, or keeping a natural gas furnace, is going to be a cost-effective idea. Just make sure to keep this system maintained so it continues to operate safely as well as efficiently.

So, Which is the Right Furnace for You?

All-electric and natural gas furnaces have their perks and drawbacks. In answer to the question of which one is the best for you, the answer will depend largely on your needs and your home set-up. For example, if you have a natural gas line, you may want to consider a natural gas furnace. If you aren’t sure what system is a good fit though you can (and should) talk with a professional technician.

Whether you have an all-electric furnace or one powered by natural gas, your system will need maintenance and, occasionally professional furnace repair in Houston, TX.

Whether your system uses natural gas or just electricity, you can come to us for service. Contact Fresh Air, LP for your furnace service needs.

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