Don’t Let These Midwinter Furnace Problems Get You Down

When you think of all the appliance repair and service needs you may have over the course of your homeownership, one that sticks out as particularly concerning is likely that of your Katy, TX HVAC system. True, our climate doesn’t get nearly as frigid as other parts of the country, but when you’re dealing with heat for as long as we do during the year, winters seem that much colder.

Don’t Let These Midwinter Furnace Problems Get You Down

Given the current time of year, we’re going to focus on heating systems for this post—particularly, furnaces. First off, we hope that you invested in furnace maintenance before winter began. Maintenance gives our professionals the chance to fully inspect your heating system, cleaning it and making any adjustments or recommendations for repairs as needed.

If you skipped maintenance this year, or you didn’t follow up your tune-up with recommended repairs, then you might run into one of the following furnace repair needs this season.

Your System Won’t Start Up

There are a few possible causes for this. Some furnace issues are more serious than others—for instance the cause could be a malfunctioning thermostat or an improperly set thermostat.

So, when your furnace won’t start, the first step we want you to take is to check the thermostat. Is it in heating mode? Great. But your furnace still won’t turn on? Try turning off the circuit breaker to the system, and then check to ensure that there isn’t a problem with the wires that connect your heating system to the thermostat.

We have to say this one too—particularly if it’s daytime and you don’t have any lights on for the problem to be apparent—but—you might have a power outage. Perhaps it’s just that the circuit breaker for your furnace tripped, but there could also be a power outage in your neighborhood. Another possibility, if you have a gas-powered furnace, is that the pilot light is out.

But what if none of the above-mentioned scenarios apply to you? It’s quite possible that you have a more serious problem on your hands. Ideally, like we stated above, you had maintenance done and took care of any pending repair issues. If that’s the case, you likely don’t need to worry too much. But you definitely should call in a pro when your furnace won’t start and you aren’t able to get it up and running on your own with the tips we provided above.

Your System Won’t Stop Running

So what if you’re experiencing the opposite problem? Your heater won’t stop running? When it’s the middle of a freezing cold night, you may not care. However, you’ll grow tired of this pretty quickly. Plus, this is detrimental to the efficiency of your furnace, which will accrue damage as a result.

Again, the thermostat could be to blame in this case. If this component is malfunctioning, then it might not be able to accurately signal to your heating system that your desired temperature has been met, and therefore it’s time to shut off.

One last possibility is that the temperature is set too high, or that the air filter is too dirty and clogged to allow for proper airflow. Either of these problems can prevent your furnace from shutting off, since it’s working to meet your desired temperature when it’s simply not able to. If resolving either of these problems doesn’t work, then it’s time to reach out to our pros.

Contact Fresh Air, LP when you find yourself in need of prompt and quality furnace services.

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