The Role Your Insulation Plays in Your HVAC System’s Operation

Today’s newly built homes often tote the detail that they are “green and efficient” because they are sealed. This means that the way they are built reduces air leakage which helps to improve the efficiency of the homes systems by making it easier to maintain the ideal indoor temperature.

Does Good Insulation Make a Difference in Summer

One big factor in your home’s efficiency is it’s insulation. This may seem like a strange concept since this is merely the fluffy material between the inner and out wall of your home. However, insulation is one of the biggest players when it comes to keeping your house temperate and comfortable. And we are here to explain how (and to offer our HVAC services in Katy, TX when your insulation isn’t enough to keep your heater in good working order anymore).

What is Insulation?

Insulation is used in homes to help temper sound between rooms…and to help control the temperature inside your home. insulation can be made of multiple different materials and utilizes air pockets to regulate the climate within your house.

How Insulation and Sealing Help Your HVAC System

Most homes are now built with good sealing or weatherizing practices. The ultimate idea behind “sealed” homes is that there is little to no air leakage in or out of your home. This of course involves the use of insulation because, whatever the material, your insulation helps to prevent loss of heat in the colder months.

This is extremely helpful to your HVAC heater. Why? Because it means that once it heats the space it is responsible for to the desired temperature, it will take a much longer span of time for that space to cool. With that delay in heat loss, your heater gets to enjoy a nice long break during a  time of year when it would normally be seeing enough wear and tear to warrant a repair check come spring. This also means it is using less fuel and running more efficiently, saving you a pretty penny!

My Home is Well Insulated, So Why Does My Heater Still Needs Repairs?

Don’t get us wrong, insulation is hugely helpful in terms of regulating the temperature inside your house. Think of it like the equivalent of closing the door when it is raining outside and feeling the living room warm up afterward.

However, while your insulation helps your heater improve its operational efficiency and longevity, it doesn’t prevent any and all wear and tear on the system. No matter how well sealed a home is, a heater that gets used will require maintenance and eventual repairs to continue working. The different is that, with the help on insulation and sealing, repairs are much fewer and far between than they would be otherwise.

If your HVAC system is having trouble keeping your home warm even with the help of your home’s insulation, you will want to reach out to our NATE certified technicians to ask about maintenance and repair services. We are always happy to help!

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