Combatting Indoor Humidity: Tips and Tricks

Residents of Texas are no strangers to humidity. Excess humidity makes us feel uncomfortable, not to mention it can be unhealthy. When this excess moisture is in your home, it’s even worse. The best way to rid your home of this uncomfortable moisture is with a quality dehumidifier. However, there are certainly some other things you can do around your home to limit the effects of humidity. We’ve shared some tips and tricks below.


Ventilation is key to allowing moisture to exit your home. This is especially important in rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom where steam builds up. If you have vent or exhaust fans in these rooms, be sure to use them.

Remember, there are many components in your home that increase moisture buildup: washing machines and dryers, your shower, your cooking, etc. Be sure that these exhaust fans vent to the outside. Attic fans can help as well.

Change Your Shower Habits

Try taking a cooler, shorter shower. This reduces the condensation buildup. You can also try using a low flow showerhead or shower under a less powerful stream by not fully opening the tap.

Run Your AC!

Albeit not as powerful as a dehumidifier, your air conditioner does naturally remove some humidity from the air. Many people try to avoid running their AC as long as they can during the day to save money, however this rarely works as intended, plus it can really make a difference when it comes to reducing indoor moisture.

If maintaining your indoor humidity levels has become a problem, or if you live in an older, less ventilated building, then it really may be best to invest in a dehumidifier. When professionally installed and serviced, this device can help tremendously in improving air circulation and reducing mold-causing moisture in your home.

If you’re ready for a dehumidifier installation in your Missouri City, TX home, contact Fresh Air, LP today.

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