Comfort for All Seasons: The Power of Good Insulation

One of the most common misconceptions we hear about insulation is that its only purpose is to keep homes warm in the winter. While it is extremely effective for this purpose, this is not its only use. People do often associate insulation with this job, but they don’t realize that insulation also helps keep them cool.

This is why, even in a mostly warm climate such as ours, high quality insulation is essential for your home. Without it, your air conditioner would struggle all during the cooling season to adequately do its job, negatively impacting your energy and money savings.

How Insulation Works

Insulation serves as a thermal barrier. This means that it blocks the movement of heat, which travels in three ways. One method of heat transfer is conduction, where heat moves through contact, such as when you touch a metal pan that’s been on a stove. The second method is convection, the movement of heat through the air, and the last method is radiation, such as feeling warmth from a sun-soaked sidewalk.

Insulation, mostly comprised of fluffy material, stops the movement of heat through convection and conduction. So, during cold weather the insulation in your home traps the heat coming from your heating system and prevents it from escaping outside, making it a very important attic installation.

During warmer weather, on the other hand, insulation keeps outside heat from entering your home, and therefore makes it easier for your air conditioner to overcome the increasing temperatures. So whether it’s too excessively hot in your home, or too cold during the winter and your energy bills keep increasing as a result, it’s worth it to consider if your insulation is adequate enough or if you need to have new insulation put in.

To have effective insulation installed in your Houston, TX home, contact Fresh Air, LP today!

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