6 Telltale Signs of Excess Indoor Humidity

Many homeowners do not know that too much moisture in the house affects the quality of life. People often consider dust and other foreign factors but forget the moisture content. Our technicians recommend regulating the humidity level so you can enjoy comfort and protect your health. Therefore, you need to know what indicates too much water content in your home. Excess moisture can harm your structure and family. If you want to deal with this situation, you should buy a dehumidifier that helps reduce the water in the air. These gadgets help your AC in creating a comfortable indoor atmosphere. 

1. Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew thrive where there is constant wetness. In most cases, you may find them growing in dark and damp spots. However, if the home has excessive moisture content, you will begin noticing the growth in other open areas. Walls, cabinets, and the attic may be the first to get the mold. However, as the air continues to circulate, it promotes spreading to other spaces. Therefore, the mold may keep thriving inside the house as long as the AC is on. The growth negatively affects your breathing system and damages the beauty of your surfaces. The solution is to treat the affected areas and reduce the moisture levels. 

2. Mist on Windows and Doors

It is normal to notice water droplets on windows, especially when the temperature rises. This is usually because the water in the air cools when it comes in contact with the surfaces. That is why you find a misty window or mirror after a hot shower. Nevertheless, excessive indoor moisture constantly creates a mist in other rooms. In most cases, people tend to open the windows and doors or crank up the AC to let in fresh air. 

3. Musty Smell

Do you notice a persistent stale smell in your home even after thoroughly cleaning? You may have excessive water content in the air. Moisture accumulates from sweat, cooking, showering, and other activities that release vapor. Therefore, if there is no proper exit for the excess water, it causes the indoor air to become musty. This significantly impacts your quality of life. You may even prefer spending time outdoors or using more air fresheners. Others increase the settings on the AC to improve airflow. 

4. Structural Damage

Physical Damage

Excess moisture will also show on your structure. The most common issue that homeowners notice is the peeling and bubbling of paint. When your walls absorb the excess water, the paint begins to detach from the surface. This may call for a new paint job soon. Your wooden floors and ceiling may also begin warping, especially if the problem persists. This means that some parts may start to rise above others or develop bumps. 

Water Stains

Additionally, you may notice water stains, especially on walls and ceilings. When the moisture lingers too long on a wooden surface, it gets absorbed into the structure. Before you notice the warping, you may begin seeing patches that are darker than the rest. These stains destroy the beauty of your home and are a warning sign of future structural issues. 

5. Respiratory Issues

Your breathing system can tell you when to check your humidity levels. Excess moisture may bring several issues, such as the following:

  • Nose congestion
  • Asthmatic attacks
  • Repetitive occurrence of the flu
  • Chronic coughs
  • Headaches

Apart from these symptoms being uncomfortable, they also mean constant trips to the doctor. In the long run, you spend a lot of money treating the illnesses. While most of these issues may arise from other factors, it is crucial to keep monitoring the humidity level. The excess moisture creates a good breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. Other allergens also survive better, causing constant coughs and sneezes. 

6. Skin Problems

Most people assume that very high humidity does not harm the skin. However, they are not correct. Too much vapor in your house can cause harmful fungi and bacteria to thrive, thus irritating the skin. Additionally, such an environment may cause redness, itching, and even eczema flare-ups in someone with sensitive skin. Some of the problems require only extended exposure to moisture to come up. That is why you need to ensure there is enough ventilation when showering or cooking. Letting out the excess steam will ensure your skin remains fresh and comfortable.

Some people also say they cannot sleep well when there is excessive humidity. This results in constant fatigue and irritability. Therefore, you can now see that your indoor moisture level will impact your overall quality of life. That is why you should ensure your humidity is within the recommended range. This will save you from harming your health and damaging your property. To enjoy comfort and peace of mind, you need to invest in a dehumidifier. It will help remove all the excessive water content, so you do not have to live in a musty home. When the warm, moist air leaves, the AC also has an easier job. You reduce energy consumption while giving the air conditioner an extended lifespan.

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