How HVAC Affects Your Household’s Health

Your HVAC ensures year-round comfort by
regulating indoor air quality effectively. A functional system cools and heats
your home accordingly. It can also be said to be the lungs of your home. This
is because it controls air circulation in your home.

However, Poorly maintained HVAC systems can
pose significant health risks in your home. Poor indoor air quality and dust
increase your family’s vulnerability to illness.

Microbial Contaminants

Your HVAC system ought to efficiently
regulate indoor air temperatures. Regrettably, they sometimes lead to the
dissemination of pollutants throughout your home. If you neglect system
maintenance, it can transform into a prime environment for microbial growth.
During operational cycles, hazardous substances can infiltrate indoor air via
ventilation outlets.

These hazardous particles circulate
throughout your system, exposing you to various illnesses. Contaminated HVAC
systems can sometimes cause Legionnaires’ Disease, which can be fatal.

Hot and Cold Fluctuations

If your HVAC system malfunctions, you could
encounter fluctuating temperatures. They can swing between extreme heat and
cold. The temperature swings are stressful to your body and likely to cause
flu, cold, or even heat strokes. Therefore, you should always keep your unit in
the proper condition for better results.

Refrigerant Leaks

Your cooling system works through a
substance known as a refrigerant. Its exposure can lead to symptoms like
nausea, breathing issues, and severe headaches. In severe scenarios, this can
lead to organ failure and death. Typical indicators of a refrigerant leak
include audible bubbling sounds and inadequate cooling. You can also see ice on
the evaporator coils or the refrigerant lines.

Poor Air Quality

An unclean HVAC system leads to poor air
circulation throughout your home. Dirty air can trigger allergies or worsen
respiratory problems if not controlled on time. This is compared to living in a
smoggy city all day long. Removing particles and contaminants from the air with
clogged or dirty filters is never easy. Hence, occupants will likely suffer
from health problems.

An HVAC system improves your home’s comfort
and functionality. Therefore, you should have them maintained for better
results. For efficient indoor air quality services and HVAC maintenance,
contact Fresh Air, LP.

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