The Importance of Heat Pump Maintenance

Once your heat pump starts working for you, it’s easy to forget that you need heat pump maintenance every single year. The comfort slips into the background and becomes expected, but then when your heat pump breaks down, it’s a major event in your day.

The Importance of Heat Pump Maintenance

Heat pump maintenance helps promote longevity for your system, reduces repair frequency and cost, and prolongs the time your heat pump has before it needs to be replaced. Let’s talk about why it’s important.

Prevents Unnecessary Malfunctions

If you let your heat pump run on its own for long enough, problems start popping up, one by one. Annual maintenance also serves as a point of inspection. Your HVAC technician will look over your entire system for visible signs of wear and tear on your working parts, and essentially provide a check-up on your heat pump as a whole.

This means you encounter fewer interruptions from your heat pump throughout the year, and continuously enjoy comfort. While you can’t prevent every possible repair from popping up, you can greatly reduce their frequency.

Improves Your Heat Pump’s Lifespan

Heat pumps aren’t meant to last forever. While they can withstand a lot of wear and tear, they last longer if they don’t have to endure quite as much. The average lifespan of a heat pump is roughly 15 years, give or take.

This can vary depending on the model, extended use, and how often maintenance is done. Ideally, you’ll have a report of annual maintenance calls on your heat pump, but if not, starting now is still the best shot you have at prolonging a full replacement by years.

Your Warranty Remains Valid

If your heat pump is relatively new, read the fine print on your warranty. Depending on the brand, some companies will cover certain parts for an extremely long time, in the span of 5 to 10 years. That’s impressive and helpful, but there’s a catch to it.

Most warranties require that you maintain your heat pump with annual maintenance, otherwise, it can void the warranty. If all goes well you won’t have to worry about your warranty in the first place, but if a part unexpectedly fails, maintenance means you’re covered.

Saving on Your Energy Bill

As systems age and aren’t serviced, they require more energy to meet the same temperature demands you’ve had for years. You end up paying more in monthly energy expenses without changing anything. If you can confirm that your energy rates haven’t increased, but your bill has, your heat pump could be the culprit.

Annual maintenance also means an inspection. Your technician will know if your heat pump is pulling too much power, and how to stop it.

Maintenance Masters at Your Service

A lack of maintenance means a lack of comfort and heat pump stability. Keep your warranty valid, prevent breakdowns, and let us handle your heat pump’s maintenance to make it happen. Annual maintenance is an investment in your home.

Contact Fresh Air, L.P. today to schedule heat pump maintenance and ensure your system runs efficiently all year long.

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