Warning Signs of Furnace Issues

Your home’s heating system is essential to sustaining your wintertime comfort. What makes it possible is your furnace, working reliably to maintain an ideal temperature throughout your home. It’s important to prioritize getting expert care for your furnace and know what indicators are that it’s experiencing problems.

Warning Signs of Furnace Issues

We’ll review some of the most common warning signs of furnace issues and how they can be addressed.


If you hear a hissing sound coming from your system, it is may be due to a few different problems.  While the sound of a hissing furnace may not be alarming, it is one of the most common signs that there is an airflow problem to be handled. In one case, it may be a problem with your ductwork but in more serious cases it may indicate a gas leak in your system. In either case, hissing sounds should be addressed quickly.

Poor Heating

As logic would dictate, if your home is experiencing issues with heating, there’s likely a problem with your heater. This can be a sign of many problems within a heating system such as trouble with ignition or trouble with heat creation. If you notice that your house is becoming increasingly cold and is draftier than before, this could be a sign that you need repairs.

High Energy Bills

Another common indicator of a malfunctioning furnace is extremely high energy bills. This is most commonly caused by heating issues relating to operational efficiency, where something is inhibiting your system from working to its full capacity. This forces the system to use more energy to get its job done, and can thus result in higher energy costs. If your home energy bills have taken a spike without an explainable increase in usage, it’s worth looking into your furnace’s health.

Booming After Startup

Another common sign that your furnace needs to be assessed is when it makes a ‘boom’ sound after startup. This occurs when too much gas accumulates in the combustion chamber because the system ignition is delayed. In this case, the boom is created when all the built-up gas ignites. Low gas pressure, blocked burners, and dirty equipment can all be responsible for this issue.

Weak Airflow

If the airflow in your furnace has significantly weakened, this may be a sign of several problems.  It could be that your furnace is obstructed by dirt or dust, or also indicate an issue with the pressure switch, which regulates airflow based on the level of heat required in your home’s space. If you are experiencing lower than usual airflow from your home’s heating system, you should look into the status of your furnace and have it assessed for any issues.

There are many other potential warning signs that can indicate a problem with your furnace, but these are among the most common. If you notice any of these problems, you should schedule a professional furnace inspection to ensure that your home’s heating is up to standards and working properly.

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