What Happens When You Ignore Heat Pump Maintenance

Heat pumps may work to heat and cool your home, but they work differently from furnaces and air conditioners like many of us are used to. It’s important to know just what’s at stake if you don’t perform annual maintenance on your heat pump.

What Happens When You Ignore Heat Pump Maintenance

You should always schedule maintenance on any HVC system you have, but heat pump maintenance is arguably more important than other systems since it wears two hats to heat and cool your home. This is what you need to know.

Your Heat Pump Can Leak Refrigerant

Refrigerant runs in a closed-loop system. That means that it’s not supposed to run out, so if your refrigerant gets low, that signals there’s a leak somewhere in the line.

A refrigerant leak can cost you more than the price to repair the line that it runs through. Because the system relies on refrigerant, when it runs out or drops too low, it puts unnecessary stress on the system. This can lead to a complete breakdown, resulting in expensive repairs. Proper maintenance helps you avoid these repairs in the first place.


Did you know that an HVAC technician doesn’t just check mechanical parts, but they also check electrical aspects of your heat pump as well? From the power supply to how your thermostat and heat pump interact, technicians know every electrical path and wire in your unit.

Wiring gets old, and it can become unstable. Thankfully, many wires are inexpensive to replace as long as you catch them before a system breakdown where they can impact other components of your heat pump.

Between industry tools and experience, your heat pump technician will be able to tell if the wiring needs to be changed out or not. They test the electrical components of your heat pump to prevent short-circuiting and harsh damage.

You Spend More Money

Many homeowners avoid maintenance because they don’t want to pay for a maintenance visit every single year. What many don’t realize is that any HVAC system, whether it’s a heat pump, furnace, or central air conditioner, will lose efficiency as time marches on.

As your heat pump’s efficiency lowers, it requires more runtime to meet the demands that you set on your thermostat. That same temperature becomes slightly more difficult to hit between maintenance calls.

Eventually, you’re spending a sizable amount of money each month just for additional runtime. A maintenance visit restores your heat pump’s efficiency and helps you lower your energy consumption, resulting in lower costs throughout the year.

While it can be frustrating to pay for one maintenance visit per year, it saves you in the long run and prevents larger system breakdowns from happening as often.

Don’t Ignore Heat Pump Maintenance

Now that you know the dangers of leaving your heat pump without maintenance, it’s time to get an annual schedule going. Maintenance serves as a point of inspection so technicians can identify other upcoming issues with your heat pump and show you ahead of time. It’s integral to your heat pump’s continued success.

Contact Fresh Air, L.P. today to schedule heat pump maintenance as soon as possible and keep your system running smoothly.

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