When Do You Need Professional HVAC Cleaning?

Poorly maintained HVAC systems are breeding grounds for bacteria and fungi, which circulate as air flows through the system. With the right amounts of moisture and temperature, these contaminants can flourish in the system, causing issues with indoor air quality. A home’s comfort is largely determined by indoor air quality. This is why The National Air Duct Cleaners Association recommends air duct cleaning every three to five years. Mold, pollen or dust can cause allergies and respiratory conditions for occupants. If you are unsure whether your HVAC system needs cleaning, look for the following common signs.

Clogged Air Filters

Replacing filters more than usual indicates an underlying HVAC issue. Although changing filters every three months is recommended, you shouldn’t experience clogs a few weeks after changing them. If this happens, you should contact professionals to inspect your ducts and remove any buildup obstructing airflow.

Higher Utility Bills

It’s normal for energy bills to fluctuate monthly due to temperature changes or weather. However, a sudden increase in your utility bills indicates the system is working harder than usual to sustain the temperatures. This may be due to leaking ducts, which cause conditioned air to escape through the gaps in your ductwork.

No Record of Prior HVAC Cleaning

You may have just moved into a house and found no previous record of the homeowners cleaning the system or it’s been long time since you cleaned it. Either of these incidents indicates that an HVAC cleanup is long overdue, and you should follow up. Don’t ignore your HVAC system because it will inevitably cause problems in the future.

Insect and Rodent Infestation

Another sign you should clean your system is pests and rodents infesting your home. Dirty vents can provide a warm and comfortable home for insects and rodents. The droppings and fur left behind can be unpleasant to homeowners due to their effect on indoor air quality. You will need to hire trained professionals to remove the animals and clean anything left behind.

Growth of Mold or Mildew

Mold is dangerous to humans. It can worsen allergies and cause respiratory concerns if touched, consumed or inhaled. Mold is also responsible for structural damage to buildings. Condensation is the main culprit for mold growing in your vents. Its spores are spread all over your home when air blows through the system and require immediate cleaning.

Recent Construction or Renovation

Construction is messy; some areas can retain debris and dust despite thorough cleaning. Unless the HVAC system is completely removed or covered during construction, you can be sure some dust has been sucked into your ductwork. Consider professional HVAC cleaning after renovations to clear out hidden debris that is not easy to spot.

An HVAC system requires regular cleaning to ensure maximum efficiency. Professionals have the right supplies and expertise to clean your system properly without causing damage. Contact Fresh Air LP for excellent HVAC cleaning in Richmond. We deliver exceptionally in every project we complete.

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