Does Your Zoned Heating System Seem to Be Malfunctioning?

One of the best upgrades you can make to both your central air conditioning unit and your furnace is adding a zone control system to it. This allows you to direct air to individual rooms and control the temperature in each of those rooms. This allows for better efficiency and fewer family arguments!

However, just like any other HVAC addition or appliance, a zone control system might need repair at some time or another. There are a number of repairs that are unique to these systems, and each of them requires the touch of a highly trained HVAC professional, such as the members of our team. We’ve shared some common zone control problems below to help you troubleshoot what’s going with yours.

Malfunctioning Control Panel

Your HVAC systems’ control panel is the central communication center for your zone control system. It takes direction from each of the thermostats throughout your home, telling which dampers to open and close so you can achieve and maintain the set temperatures in each space.

Given what it’s responsible for, you can expect that there are a lot of electrical components involved. As such, the most common of problems typically are electrical in nature: electrical shorts, frayed or corroded wiring, and more. Locating and reaping issues with your control panel can be tricky, so be sure to only trust in a professional for repairs.

Thermostat Trouble

Each thermostat connected to your zone control system acts as the temperature control center. If a problem develops with any of these thermostats, then the heating in that particular zone will be impacted. You may be facing a miscalibrated thermostat, or a thermostat with dusty components. Either way, we can assist you.

Problems with the Motorized Dampers

Any HVAC component that involves moving parts will be prone to malfunction. The motorize dampers of your zone control system might become stuck, or problems can develop with the motor of the damper.

No matter what type of zone control system repairs you need in Katy, TX, you can rely on the experts at Fresh Air, LP Contact us today!

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