The Many Benefits of Zone Control Cooling and Heating

It’s hard to imagine that it will get much hotter than it’s been recently, but sure enough, summer is on its way and temperatures are only going to increase. This means that we’ll be using our air conditioners on an even more consistent basis, and as such want to ensure that we are doing everything to save money on energy costs.

The Many Benefits of Zone Control Cooling and Heating

The first step to saving money is scheduling regular air conditioning maintenance, which you’ve hopefully already done for the season. This isn’t the only money-saving step you can take, though, in regards to your HVAC system. Installing a Missouri City, TX zone control system is a great way to upgrade both your cooling and heating systems, and there are a number of advantages to investing in a zone control system.

Is a Zone Control System Right for Your Home?

When professionally installed and maintained, a zone control system is an excellent investment for a larger home. That being said, these systems aren’t always economically the best choice for smaller or one-story homes, but we’ll be happy to discuss your options further.

If you do have a larger home with many rooms or multiple floors, and you’ve found that some spots are consistently warmer or cooler than others, then taking advantage of a zone control heating and cooling system makes a lot of sense. This system basically gives you more control over the way you distribute both cooled and heated air throughout your home.

You may have an area or two in your home that has a lot of passive solar heat gain, which means that this area will likely be warmer than other rooms in your home, and therefore will need more cooling during the summer. On the other hand, you’ll need less heating in that area during the winter.

How Does a Zone Control System Work?

The process isn’t actually as complex as you may think. Basically, a zone control system consists of a central control panel, into which multiple electronic dampers and thermostats are wired. These dampers are strategically installed throughout your air ducts, and automatically adjust as needing in accordance to the temperatures set at the thermostat in different areas—zones—of your home.

Zone control cooling and heating helps you modulate the overall performance of your cooling and heating systems. It’s important to realize that this is not the same thing as simply shutting off or blocking the vents in your home. Actually, doing either of these things can cause more harm than good to your air conditioner as it is not designed to handle this type of change in airflow.

Achieve More Temperature Control

When you get down to it, being limited to one temperature throughout your household is akin to turning on and off all the lights in your home with one single switch—not really convenient! Maintaining precise and differing temperatures throughout your home can help you save on energy costs, and can help prevent family squabbles over how hot or cold a home should be.

Reach out to Fresh Air, LP today to learn more about the benefits of zone control cooling and heating and to schedule your zone control system installation!

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