Don’t Ignore an Icy AC

Have you noticed ice on your AC? An icy air conditioner can be an odd sight, especially when it’s pretty warm outside. It means there’s a problem in your unit that you need to address. Ignoring the ice build-up might just make it worse causing your unit to use more energy or become damaged.

Don’t Ignore an Icy AC

What causes ice to appear on your air conditioner, though? And what can you do about it? Can you fix the problem yourself? Or do you need a technician for AC repair in Sugar Land, TX? Here we answer some of the most common questions on what leads to an icy AC or how to take care of the problem.

What Causes an Icy AC?

An icy AC usually indicates an underlying issue. If you see ice on your AC, it could be because of the following reasons:

Low Levels of Refrigerant

Refrigerant is used as a heat transfer medium. It absorbs heat from inside your home and releases it outside.

Low levels of refrigerant typically indicate a leak. If there isn’t enough refrigerant in your system, it won’t be able to absorb enough heat to keep the coil warm. This can lead to the creation of ice in your system.

A Dirty AC Coil or Air Filter

Another common reason that can cause ice to form on an AC is when the air filter or AC coil becomes dirty. Air filters trap dust and other contaminants from entering the system and collecting on the coil. However, AC coils can also become dirty if these filters are not cleaned regularly. Overly dirty filters can obstruct airflow and prevent air from flowing over the evaporator coil at sufficient speeds to pull heat out of the air. This can lead to the formation of ice and the system struggles to cool the air.

Poor Airflow

A dirty air filter isn’t the only thing that can cause poor airflow. This can also result from an improperly sized filter, damaged or undersized ductwork, a dirty heat pump air handler, closed vents, and blocked return grills. There’s also a chance your blower motor or fan is not functioning properly. If there is little to no air getting into your air conditioner it means the refrigerant in the system will continue to cool the air directly around the coil, causing the formation of ice along the coil.

What Can You Do?

If you have an AC that is struggling with a layer of ice in it, your best option is to avoid any DIY fixes. There can be a number of reasons why this issue is happening and a professional is going to be able to address them all. We recommend calling a professional dealing in AC repair and having them inspect the unit. The team at Fresh Air L.P. can help you here.

We can repair air conditioners in Sugar Land and other surrounding areas. Get in touch with us today to schedule AC repairs with one of our qualified technicians today.

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