Don’t Skip End-Of-Season Repairs

Fall is around the corner and we can probably all agree that we are ready for a break in the high temperatures. However, we probably won’t get what we are hoping for just yet. There is still every chance of a surprise heatwave or continued high temperatures for a while. This makes it all the more important to ensure your system for air conditioning in Houston, TX is still in good condition.

Don’t Skip End-Of-Season Repairs

All too often we see people reach this time of year and decide that they no longer need to concern themselves with what is going on with their AC. This isn’t what we’d advise doing as you probably guessed. Just because summer is wrapping up doesn’t mean you should ignore your air conditioners needs. If your AC needs repairs, now is the time to get them done.

What might be going on with your air conditioner

Your air conditioner just spent several months working his hardest to keep your home cool. As you might imagine this can take its toll. it is more than likely that by the end of the cooling season your system needs some professional repairs. But what is going on with your cooling system? Here are some examples of potential repair needs that it might have:

  • Dirty evaporator coil: Over the course of the season a fair amount of debris may have gotten into your cooling system. This can end up collecting on the evaporator coil which can hinder the healing process. Make sure to have a professional check your system and clean off the coil if necessary.
  • Refrigerant leak: Refrigerant leaks are never good but they are fairly common. The regular wear and tear on your system can lead to this problem. Of course, a refrigerant leak is going to rapidly cause bigger problems such as short cycling or the buildup of ice on your evaporator coil. It is best to get this issue address now.
  • Loose parts: The same regular use that can cause Your refrigerant line to spring a leak can also loosen different parts within your air conditioner. You may start to hear a rattling noise due to loose screws, bolts, or even fan blades. If you hear rattling contact a pro to fix things.
  • Broken parts: Let’s say that the fan blade in your air conditioner became loose and ended up breaking as a result. This can cause plenty of noise along with some discomfort in your home. A professional contractor can find the broken fan blade and replace it.

This is a brief overview of the different issues that can pop up in your air conditioner after a full season of cooling your home. Leaving these repairs unaddressed only gives them a chance to compound and worsen. This is why we suggest taking care of them now, this way you aren’t faced with an expensive repair next spring or, worse, the need for a replacement.

If you need to repair your air conditioner, turn to the professional technicians at Fresh Air, LP to get the job done. We’ve served the Houston area for over 50 years.

Contact our team today to get started.

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