How Can You Get the Most from Your Ductless System?

Ductless cooling and heating systems often get mistaken for standard room air conditioners thanks to their setup. They do have many of the same components; however, the configuration of a ductless system is much different than that of a traditional Houston, TX air conditioning system. Ductless systems include an indoor unit and a separate outdoor condenser. They also involve a larger investment, but for good reason (namely, efficiency!)

How Can You Get the Most from Your Ductless System

Take care of your investment by scheduling routine maintenance. Since ductless systems are used all year, the best way to care for the system is by scheduling this maintenance session twice a year rather than once annually as you would with a conventional air conditioner. Why is this so important?

Your Ductless System Needs Cleaning

Condensate line leaks are a big deal for any type of AC system. The condensate line of your ductless system is where water drains, as condensation builds on the indoor evaporator coil. Occasionally, condensate lines can clog up, and water might not be able to drain properly from the system, and this can mean trouble.

Conventional air conditioners, because of their set up, often have indoor units inside unused portions of the home such as the attic or maybe even a corner of your garage. Condensate leaks can still do damage, but with a ductless system, the indoor unit is often in a finished space, opening up your property to even more damage. During your maintenance sessions, though, our technicians will clean off the evaporator coil, remove and clean any indoor air quality components, and yes, we will remove any buildup from the condensate drain. A clean system can work much more efficiently and reduce the risk of property damage!

Ductless Systems Can Suffer from Mechanical Problems

The inner components of ductless air conditioners can run into just as many problems as the blower units on regular, traditional air conditioners. They are made to be more durable, but annual maintenance is still needed to help to prevent AC issues that might not be predicted.

For instance, your technicians need to clean off the outside condenser coil, as it can develop enough dirt and grime to insulate heat, which is supposed to release into the air around the coil instead. Your technician will also adjust the blower fan assembly as needed, to ensure it doesn’t break down when you need it the most. Lastly, a problem that is unique to ductless systems is that the indoor air handlers can loosen at their mounts.

Ductless Systems Can Lose Efficiency

One of the biggest benefits of staying on top of routine maintenance is that it allows your ductless system to work more efficiently. Any HVAC system that runs as smoothly as possible—fan belts are adjusted, moving parts are lubricated, coils are cleaned—will in turn require less energy. This means you pay less on your monthly energy bills.

Unexpected Repairs Costs You!

You’ll save considerably by avoiding emergency ductless repairs and extending the life your ductless system by investing in routine maintenance. Ensure that your system runs as effectively and efficiently as possible, and that you get the most out of the system, by scheduling maintenance twice a year.

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