Ensure Your Efficiency At The End Of The Season

It might not feel like it but cooler fall temperatures are around the corner. However, this doesn’t mean it is time to throw out good practices when it comes to keeping your home cool. We shouldn’t be okay with the idea of wasting energy even if your air conditioner isn’t going to be in use as much as it was the past couple of months.

Ensure Your Efficiency At The End Of The Season

What’s more, living in Texas means we are no strangers to heatwaves when we least expect them. It goes a long way in keeping your home efficient for the sake of your comfort now and later in the year too.

Ideas to Help Ensure Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

There is more than one way to give your air conditioner a helping hand so it can operate as efficiently as possible. Here are some helpful ideas to ensure your home is as efficient as possible.

  1. Keep the windows and doors closed. When the temperatures outside are high this is easy to remember. But it is important to emphasize how important this is to prevent your AC system from having to do extra work during the end of the summer and the beginning of fall.
  2. Check for air leaks. Air leaks can be a little tougher to detect but it is a good idea to check for them. After all leaky windows or doors can hinder your comfort now and during the heating season too. If you find any air leaks you can address it with weatherstripping or caulk.
  3. Raise the temperature on your thermostat. It can be tempted to see just how cool you can make your house during a heatwave. However, this isn’t a good idea. Instead, raise the thermostat setting to a higher temperature to reduce energy use without hindering your comfort. The Department of Energy advises the ideal temperature to be 78°F.
  4. Use your ceiling fan to your advantage. Your ceiling fan is not going to create cool air. However, it can help you feel cooler. Use your fan to increase the spread of cool air that your AC provides and help you feel cooler. This can help you resist the urge to force down the number on the thermostat too.
  5. Check your filter and vents. The flow of air into and out of your AC unit is vital to keeping your home cool. Check your filters every few months to see if they need to be changed out to avoid hindered airflow into your AC. Similarly, make sure to wipe down dusty vents into order to make sure the airflow into your home isn’t hindered.
  6. Keep shades down and curtains drawn. It is a good idea to keep rooms that encounter a lot of sunlight shaded by drawing shades and curtains. Even a few hours less sunlight will decrease the level of heat in your home and make your air conditioner’s job easier.
  7. Schedule AC maintenance. Last but not least, schedule maintenance services for your Katy, TX air conditioning system. This service will help to ensure your system operates as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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