How to Tell You Need a New Thermostat

If you’ve noticed a problem with your air conditioning system, it would be easy to surmise that the source of the problem is located within the unit itself. But as our experts can attest, people are often surprised when it turns out that the issue has nothing to do with the AC system, but rather the thermostat.

How to Tell You Need a New Thermostat

Your thermostat and AC system are designed to work together to provide you the home cooling you need to get relief from the Texas heat. When a problem with your AC system arises, there are a few ways to determine if your thermostat is the culprit. Reaad on to learn what they are and see if you need to schedule service to replace yours.

3 Signs That Your Thermostat Is Causing Your Comfort Issues

Is your thermostat ready to retire? Here are some indicators that the answer is yes.

  1. High energy bills: One indication of a faulty thermostat will come in the form of a high energy bill. If you have to do a double-take when your bill arrives despite recent service to your AC, there’s a possibility that your thermostat needs to be replaced. Modern-day thermostats are manufactured to utilize power in an efficient manner, and your energy bill should reflect that. Double-check your thermostat to ensure that it’s set to a temperature that is most practical for your home, and, if it is, consider calling us to figure out why your energy bill is as high as it is.
  2. Short cycling: A short-cycling AC system is another indicator that there’s a thermostat problem that needs to be addressed. It’s the thermostat, after all, that’s responsible for signaling the AC system to turn on and off based on the ideal room temperature you have programmed. When the thermostat experiences a technical issue, it can result in short-cycling AC that turns off too early because the thermostat is reading the temperature of the room incorrectly.
  3. Incorrect temperature readings: Perhaps your temperature reading is clearly not accurate. This may show that the thermostat might be malfunctioning, possibly from a miscalibration or old age. Further, if the temperature setting you have inputted is not the temperature that the AC is maintaining, then this essentially disables your AC system and prevents it from doing its job properly.
  4. Advancing age: The average lifespan of a thermostat average between five to 10 years. If your thermostat is within this age range or over that 10-year mark it is worth planning to replace it.
  5. No response: Thermostats can also suffer from technical glitches. If you happen to notice that your thermostat’s screen is blank, it could be that it has a blown fuse or dusty/loose wiring. Or, it could simply need new batteries. Whatever the reason for the blank screen, we encourage you to make sure it’s turned on and properly connected. If the screen remains blank, the next step will be to contact Fresh Air so we can help you take the steps necessary toward a repair or replacement.

Having trouble keeping your home comfortable? If you are in need of a thermostat upgrade in Sugar Land, our trained professionals would be happy to assist you with all of your HVAC system needs.

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