Is it Time to Replace My Air Conditioner?

Weather has already begun to warm up in Sugar Land, TX, and soon enough homeowners will be turning on their air conditioners. Hopefully you will not run into any emergencies, but if you do notice some troubling symptoms, you might be wondering if it’s time to replace your system. The typical lifespan of an AC system is 10-15 years, given that it is well-maintained. This will vary a bit based on how often you use your AC as well as other factors, but below we’ve listed some indicators that your air conditioner may need to be replaced.

Increased Utility Bills

Your HVAC system could actually account for about half of your utility costs. This makes it the most expensive appliance in your home. Keeping this in mind, you want to ensure your system is running efficiently. Find out from your neighbors if you are paying more for utilities. If your energy usage is similar to theirs, this shouldn’t be the case. The problem could be that your system isn’t running as efficiently as it once was.

Excessive Dust or Noise

Excessive dust in your home could be a sign of clogged air filters, but it could instead be a sign of leaky ductwork. Damaged ductwork threatens the efficiency of your air conditioner, which will increase your operating costs over time. Excessive noise is another common issue in aging systems. There could be something loose within your cooling system. While this may be repairable, many times this is an indicator that your AC is just about ready to be replaced.

High Humidity

Dehumidifiers can help eliminate excess humidity. However, a properly functioning air conditioner should naturally remove at least some moisture form the air. So if excessive humidity is making your home uncomfortable when it wasn’t before, there could be a problem with your unit. Excess humidity is more than just an inconvenience. It can damage your home and negatively impact your health. In most cases, the cost of repairing this type of problem in an aging system is not worth the amount of life that remains in your AC.

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