No, Ice on Your Air Conditioner is Not Normal

Your air conditioning system has but one job. That is to cool off your home. As a result, you might not give much thought to the development of ice on your AC system. You may even just assume that ice building up on your air conditioner is a good sign.

After all, when a system cools down that much, ice is normal right? Unfortunately no, this is not the case. Ice developing on your air conditioning system is never a good sign. So if you do see this happening, you should call our professionals right away to resolve the problem. But what causes this?

You May Have a Dirty Filter

The evaporator coil of your air conditioning system is where the system’s refrigerant is evaporated and heat is absorbed by that refrigerant. If the airflow that’s moving over your evaporator coil is obstructed by an excessively dirty air filter, then the coil is going to get far colder than it should.

As a result, the condensation that your system removes from the air as it draws heat out of it can freeze over, on your coil. This turns into a vicious cycle, as that ice will then insulate the evaporator coil and further obstruct the absorption of heat. Fortunately, you likely only need to replace your air filter in order to resolved this issue.

Could it Be a Refrigerant Leak?

A dirty air filter is actually the best case scenario should you notice ice on your AC system. A more serious problem is that of a refrigerant leak. When this liquid leaks, the heat absorption process in the evaporator coil will be compromised. Just as in the case with a dirty air filter, the coil will get too cold, and the condensation can then freeze on it.

If you’re in need of quick and reliable air conditioning repairs in Sugar Land, TX, contact Fresh Air, LP today.

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