Spooky Noises That Mean Your AC Needs a Repair

Your AC unit doesn’t sound like its usual self. That once-quiet machine is starting to make weird sounds.

Spooky Noises That Mean Your AC Needs a Repair

Whether it’s a subtle irregular noise or a loud screech, you know what your AC is supposed to sound like on a good day. It means there’s something wrong with the system. Here’s how to know what you’re dealing with and whether or not you need air conditioner repair.

Loud Banging Sound

It’s a common symptom of loose parts shifting around in your unit. Those loose parts could be in your compressor, which signals a potentially expensive problem if it’s left alone for too long. It’s difficult to diagnose what the problem is in a safe manner. For this, you absolutely need to get a professional to check things out.

Clunking Noise

Clunking noises are common and fixable problems. These usually are caused by your fan blades losing alignment. They may hit or grind against the fan housing, grate, or other components of your AC unit. Power down your unit and visually inspect the blade to see if it’s lopsided. If it continues to make this noise during operation and the fan doesn’t appear to be the problem, an internal component may be loose and banging against the inside of your unit.

Soft or Loud Buzzing Sound

Buzzing sounds tend to come from the motor. It could be the result of a failing condenser fan, your compressor could be dying, or you could have a simple problem with the isolation feet. It’s not uncommon to hear this sound when your coils freeze up. If your coils freeze and your motor still run, it can cause long-term damage. You have to power down your unit to defrost it and contact a maintenance specialist to ensure nothing was permanently damaged.

Continuous Clicking Noise

Do you hear a clicking noise occasionally right before your AC kicks on, or during its startup? That’s okay, but continuous clicking during cycling is not okay. If the clicking continues, you could have a multitude of issues ranging from capacitor failure to electrical problems with your thermostat. It’s difficult to diagnose on your own.

Squealing or Screeching Sound

The tone and pitch of the sound may be influenced by how severe the damage is. Squealing is normally a sign of increased internal pressure on your AC unit. Squealing could also be caused by a dry fan motor belt and bearings that need to be lubricated. These internal components work consistently and lubrication wears down over time.

You might be hearing the sound of metal scraping against metal, which still indicates that you need a repair before it causes a deeper problem.

These Noises Mean Your AC Needs Repair

If your AC unit is making any of these sounds, it’s time to call a repair technician. Prevent further damage by powering down your unit to reduce stress on the system while you wait for a tech to arrive. Now you know how to catch a problem early the next time something comes up.

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