The Benefits of a Smart or Wifi Thermostat

A smart thermostat could provide more connectivity, better efficiency, and the convenience you need to better manage your home’s heating and cooling. These devices are an upgrade from the standard thermostat that may not offer the control or benefits of a more technologically advanced system.

The Benefits of a Smart or Wifi Thermostat

Those looking for a smart thermostat in Sugar Land should reach out to a professional to make the upgrade. With our help, you can enjoy the benefits of this new type of thermostat for many years.

The Benefits of a Smart or Wireless Thermostat

A wireless thermostat allows you to control it from your smartphone. A smart thermostat is a step up from this. It has the ability to learn about your heating and cooling preferences over time. As it does, it works to adjust the settings based on when you are at home or when you are coming home. Either option offers some key benefits:

  • Saves money: These thermostats may help you save money by allowing for the automatic adjustment of your home’s temperature. That way, your system isn’t running as hard during periods when you are not at home.
  • Track energy usage: Smart systems allow you to track how much you are using your systems, allowing you to be a bit wiser about your energy consumption. This could help with budgeting for those energy bills later.
  • Remote control: You can control your thermostat from your smartphone, anywhere. That means you could adjust it from the couch without having to get up or at your desk at work.

How to Tell You Need a Thermostat Upgrade

It’s not always easy to know when you need to upgrade or replace your thermostat. Here are some common signs it’s time to do so.

  • Short cycling: The thermostat may not be operating properly if it is constantly turning your system on and off. That means it turns off too early prior to the home reaching the desired temperature, likely because it is miscalibrated.
  • Increase in energy bills: If your energy costs are on the rise, it could be due to a thermostat that is not working properly and constantly running your system. You may notice your AC is always running, for example. The more energy you use, the higher the cost will be.
  • Not reading the proper temperature: In some cases, the thermostat is no longer operating properly, which leads to it providing inaccurate readings. If that happens, it may need recalibration or replacement (it is often easier to upgrade your thermostat).
  • It’s older: If your thermostat is more than 10 years old, it may be time to upgrade to a model that’s more efficient. Sometimes, you just want to upgrade to get the features of a smart thermostat.
  • It no longer turns on: Some thermostats will simply fail to turn on. This could be due to damage, a failure of the electrical wiring, or the fact that the thermostat is simply unable to function anymore.

Upgrading to a smart thermostat or wi-fi thermostat is often an easy decision in any of these situations. If you are tired of your home not feeling cool this summer, now is the perfect time for an upgrade.

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