What Are the Benefits of Zone Controlled Cooling?

If you currently have a standard central HVAC unit, chances are that when you cool your home, you are cooling every room in the house at once. This probably means you are conditioning rooms that are unoccupied. While there are benefits to this, particularly for smaller living spaces, overall it’s an inefficient practice.

The solution is zone control cooling. This allows you to divide your home into various “zones”—as few as two and up to as many rooms you have in your home. Each zone is equipped with its own thermostat and cooling controls, which is all linked to one central thermostat, making this a great option for homes with multiple occupants. Below we’ve highlighted the biggest benefits of zone controlled systems.

Saves Energy

As mentioned above, with zone control cooling there is no need to cool the whole entire house. This means that your cooling system does not have to work as hard. Since you are only sending cool air to the rooms that are getting used, your AC system is working more efficiently, which equates to lower energy bills for you.

Individual Comfort

Most of the time, various occupants of a household will have different cooling preferences. It’s very rare that every member of your family will like the home at the same exact temperature. With zone control cooling, you can provide everyone with the conditioned air that they need, and they can control it themselves within their rooms.

Even Cooling Distribution

Coupled with appropriate programming, you can set up your zone controlled cooling so that it moves conditioned air through your home naturally, leaving no “hot spots” unless you so desire them. This is great for homes that traditionally had only one thermostat located near a window which may give the cooling system inaccurate direction.

For zone control system installation in Sugar Land, TX, contact Fresh Air, LP today.

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