Will a High Efficiency AC System Really Save You Money?

Most homeowners don’t realize that when it comes to their air conditioning system, efficiency really does matter. Sure, high-efficiency appliances may cost more upfront, but the money you save on monthly energy costs should more than make up for this.

Before you can decide what level of efficiency is best for your system and how much a high efficiency system will save you, it’s important to understand how this efficiency is determined. Modern air conditioners comes with a number called the seasonal energy efficiency rating (SEER). The higher the SEER ratio is on an AC system, the more efficient the model is.

What SEER Is Best?

What SEER is actually measuring is the amount of cooling power that the unit provides divided by the amount of electricity it uses over the course of a cooling season. The cooling output is measured in BTUs—British Thermal Units. This differentiates the SEER from another important rating, the EER, which measure the ration over only a single test.

So what SEER ratio is best for your air conditioner and your home? For an air conditioning unit to receive the U.S. Department of Energy’s ENERGY STAR label of efficiency, it must have a SEER of a minimum of 14. High-efficiency air conditioning systems can score about 21-22 SEER. Typically, the higher the SEER ratio is of a unit, the more expensive it will be upfront. However as mentioned above, the savings from efficiency will allow the unit to eventually pay for itself.

So Should You Choose the Highest SEER Ratio?

Be sure to keep the SEER ratio in balance with other criteria to ensure you’re purchasing the right AC system for your home. Efficiency doesn’t mean that your air conditioner will provide you with sufficient cooling for your specific living space, it just means that it works with less energy waste. Be sure to speak with a professional about all the factors that go into determining what type of air conditioner is best for your home, including the size of the system. Size can greatly affect how your AC system performs.

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