Don’t Let Your Ductwork be the Enemy to Your Comfort!

Most homeowners don’t think about their air ducts very much, and that’s okay—we don’t expect you too. After all, they are hidden from view for a reason. You shouldn’t have to think about the state of your ductwork very often—but from time to time the air ducts will need a little attention, whether it’s because there’s damage to them or you need professional air duct cleaning in Sugar Land, TX.

Dont Let Your Ductwork be the Enemy to Your Comfort

Do you know anything about the quality of the air entering your living space from your room vents? This air comes through your ductwork. So if your air ducts are not well taken care of, your indoor air quality can suffer. Fortunately, there is a solution, and that’s professional duct cleaning. Duct cleaning should be performed every few years by a trained professional. We’ve shared below a few more things you should know about this service.

It Will Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

This is the primary reason homeowners schedule professional air duct cleaning. Yes, it’s true that your cooling and heating systems come equipped with an air filter. You might even have additionally indoor air quality products installed in your home. But these are placed at the return duct, where air first enters your HVAC system. The rest of your air ducts remain mostly unprotected.

The problem lies with dirt, debris, allergens and irritants, and even germs that can get into your air ducts through cracks, from the vents, or even from years of sitting untouched. Professional duct cleaning requires a technician to completely remove this dirt, which makes allergens and germs less likely to reenter your home.

Your HVAC Systems Might Perform Better

All of that dirt and debris buildup that’s likely in your air ducts right now could very well be interfering with the performance of your AC and forced-air heater. The most efficient air conditioning and heating systems condition the air and then blow it back out to rooms in the home via the most direct route. Dirty ductwork can cause friction that actually slows down the air.

If your ductwork is dirty enough, you might be paying more for heating and air conditioning than is necessary. Worse even, is that there’s a high chance your ducts have major leaks, and you might need a professional to assess whether the ductwork actually requires repair, sealing, or replacement rather than cleaning.

Beware Duct Cleaning Scams

There’s one more very important factor we want homeowners to know about air duct cleaning, and that’s that unfortunately, there are scams out there. Dishonest companies may charge very little for duct cleaning because they aren’t actually doing a thorough job. After all, it’s not like your ductwork is easily accessible, so you’re not going to go up there and check, right? Be sure to only work with a company you trust when it comes to a service such as this. Remember, dirty ductwork isn’t just bad for your household environment, but it makes your HVAC systems work harder than they should have to as well, because the debris buildup puts resistance against the airflow.

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