Help! One of the Units of My Ductless System Isn’t Working

There are a number of great benefits to using a ductless mini split to both heat and cool your home—high efficiency, zone control heating and cooling, less dust and dirt blown out due to the lack of air ducts, and versatility in installation.

Help One of the Units of my Ductless System Isnt Working

One benefit that doesn’t get brought up that much is the fact that ductless systems use multiple air handlers, with individualized temperature control. These are small wall units placed in different rooms and areas of the home, rather than you using a single air handler for the whole-home. So when one unit, or rather one air handler, stops working, you don’t have to lose ALL your heating or cooling—just that one area.

Did the Batteries in the Remote Die?

Of course, this is still a problem, and warrants a call for professional heater repair in Sugar Land, TX. If you do have a single air handler that isn’t working, the best thing you can do is call in a pro. However, we urge to do just this one thing before you do—check the remote!

This is a lot more common of a mistake than you may think. Sometimes if you can’t the wall unit to turn on or change temperature, it might not be a problem with the air handler at all, but rather with the remote you use to operate it. Switch out the batteries and see if that resolves it. If that doesn’t do the trick, then it’s possible one of the following issues is impacting your system:


Each wall unit of your ductless system is a mini air handler, as we mentioned already, that contains its own blower fan and refrigerant coil. Stress on the blower fan motor eventually can cause the motor to burn out, or it can suffer from an electrical fault. You’ll need professional to fix this. In some cases, it’s actually less expensive to just replace that particular air handler.


The wall unit is connected to the ductless system’s outdoor cabinet via a set of conduits that pass through a small hole in the back of the wall. These consist of refrigerant, power, and condensate lines. If a leak or break develops in any of these lines, the wall unit could either lose power or lose the ability to condition the air.


Similar to the coil in a traditional central air conditioner, the coil in a ductless mini split system can freeze over for a number of different reasons, like the loss of refrigerant, or too much dust on the coils. This problem is less frequent in ductless systems since they don’t have as much dust getting into them, but the problem is possible. If this occurs, do not try to scrape off or thaw ice on your own. You can end up doing more harm than good, and this won’t resolve the underlying problem.

If multiple air handlers, or all of them, have failed, then the problem is instead with your outdoor unit, and definitely warrants a call to our pros!

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